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Osmo Converts iPad Into Reality Gaming Device For Kids

Are you not happy with your kids being addicted to play video games in tablet/iPad? Get the details of a new accessory to connect with iPad named “Osmo” that will encourage the kids to play in real life.

Tablets come with highly responsive and capacitive touchscreen that enthrall everyone but apart from enticing the mature crowd here is something exciting for kids and toddlers. Osmo unfolds phenomenal feature that allows kids to play in reality. The all new captivating Osmo seems to be a promising gaming device that can enrapture kids and family for hours and hours. Now don’t let your kids juts be hooked to iPad or tablet but transform it into an excellent gaming accessory that shall land them in the practical world of play. Osmo dilates its gaming beyond the mere screen and change the area in front of a tablet into an interactive one that effectively turns any object into a digitally connected game.

Brainchild behind Osmo

The brainchild behind this fantastic gaming accessory is Pramod Sharma, an Indian-origin entrepreneur in California, who developed this remarkable and sophisticated device. For him, his team is presenting something totally new that unleashes experiences to go beyond digital screens.

Pramod Sharma after completing his graduation had spent eight long years at Google architecting book scanning machines and acquired senior management roles in Gmail and distributed campaigning.

Get Started With Osmo

Osmo contains a base to hold iPad, a mirror which attaches over its camera and physical play bits for a sequence of game apps.
First, just place the iPad in a vertical stand and then attach a small mirror in front of its camera so that the lens can use the reflective capability of the mirror to see downward.

Osmo for iPad to play games

                                                                                                      Image credit: coolhunting.com

Now simply start playing puzzle of block games in which the camera identifies tiny and small objects that you place in front of the iPad.

A mobile application guides the kids to play interesting games that use both the screen and physical objects.

Applications Supported by Osmo

It does not need any other set up and you need not to switch on Bluetooth or connect WiFi. Osmo offers three applications presently which include Tangram, Newton and Words. Each comes with the simple iPad stand that has a red cap and a set of blocks and cardboard letters required in Tangram and Words.

You can relish drawing on a piece of paper. Moreover, you can use your hands or any other object in Newton to direct virtual beads falling from dropping from the top of the screen into pronounced or labeled areas.

The game “Words” is particularly fun. It offers you games similar to Hangman that challenges you to decipher from a picture by throwing out letters in front of the iPads. At first, the iPad displays an image of something resembling a bear and then a word that must be concluded from it. It allows two players to toss out letters in front of the tablet. Both correct and incorrect letters are identified by the camera. This word game could be played in competitive mode as well.

Geometric pieces are arranged In Tangram to promptly form shapes of different animals.

For better understanding, it would be good to watch this video of Osmo.

Impressive scopes of Osmo

Osmo targets the elementary school children aged between 6-12 years to offer fun-filled and real gaming experience them with its simple setup.

Likewise, it provides user-friendly technology for an interactive play through which the kids are not glued to the screens of tablets which is unhealthy.

Grab this interactive real gaming device now!

Kids enjoy playing in tablets but it ultimately gets them addicted and stuck to tablet screens for hours and hence get aloof of everything happening all across the globe. Osmo’s notion is to provide real world and social play for the children by forming an interactive environment in front of the iPad. It has fun-filled applications with pretty setup that encourages kids to keep little fingers away from iPad and they would enjoy gaming in high end tablets. So getting Osmo right away would bless your kids to be with a healthy and cooperating gaming atmosphere. This striking attachment will retail for $99, but early bakers will get 50 percent discount until June 22nd, 2014.

What do you think about this interactive gaming iPad attachment? Is it worth to buy for kids? Share your thoughts on “Osmo”.

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