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4 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Video for Social Media


Every day, millions of videos pop up in social media feeds. That’s why you need proper planning to ensure your video is not lost in the noise. On Facebook alone, online viewers watch more than 100 million video hours daily. On the other hand, Snapchat has over 10 billion video views every day.

So, how do you ensure your video is among the billions viewed every day? It doesn’t matter if you post a promotional video or grow your list of followers. You need to make your video more visible. Every platform has best practices and unique guidelines for promoting video content, and you have to be well updated before you begin posting.

Remember, online viewers, are experiencing a declining attention span. Apart from that, everyone posting a video is fighting to grab the attention of the same viewers as you are. Therefore, how best you optimize your videos for social media determines your visibility.

While the competition for viewers is stiff, quality and engaging content give you an edge over a rival. You can set yourself apart from other content by taking quality footage and using a video trimmer to cut your video into what your viewer wants to see. 

4 Best Ways to Optimize Social Media Videos

Take a look at the tips below and master how to optimize your content for social media.

1. Create Shorter Videos

Shorter videos are more engaging than long-form videos. Creating videos is fun, and sometimes, you will be tempted to have too much in a single video. However, keep it brief to ensure your followers on social media engage with your content.

You can limit yourself to a single issue. Or once you shoot and realize your footage has gone beyond, a video trimmer will be of good help. When posting on Instagram, you can create a 60second video. If your target is Facebook, the length of your video can go up to 4minuts and 4 hours if you’re using Facebook live to stream your video.

Are you wondering why you should post short-form videos? Among their benefits is that they are easy to distribute on social media. When your video is shorter, your audience enjoys sharing it. People and social media love shorter videos, and as your content is shared, you have a chance of going viral.

Your viewers will easily remember your content if it’s more concise, less fluff, and more impactful. Therefore, you should make short videos for your social platforms. That way, your audience will remember what it entails after watching. But as you embark on creating shorter content, don’t miss the focus, quality, and value.

2. Know Where Your Audience Hangs for Long

Who are you targeting with your videos? That’s an important question you should ask yourself before making any video. Social media platforms are many, and your audience could prefer one or the other platform. However, you can find many users on multiple platforms.

Knowing your audience helps you determine the tone and messaging in your video. That way, you can create videos your audience wants to see. Apart from that, you will figure out the goal of your video if you know your audience well.

Make sure to identify a specific audience to target with your content. The audience helps you to decide where to host your video.

Do you target the young generation with your video content? You would choose TikTok over other platforms. Many young consumers tend to hang more on TikTok than other social platforms.

On the other hand, your brand is meant for older people, and you can consider using Facebook. Whatever platform you choose, ensure to maintain high levels of quality when posting videos on social media. You can take advantage of free online video trimmer tools to align your content with the viewer’s intention.

3. Post-Mobile Accessible Content

Do you know about 4.08 billion people are accessing social media using mobile devices? That accounts for about 93% of social media users. Apart from that, smartphone users spend about 50 minutes watching videos.

Therefore, as a social media marketer, you need to post videos your audience can viewers using their mobile devices. You can shoot vertical videos rather than horizontal. That way, it will be easy to watch.

Before you post your video, ensure to add transcription and video captions. When it’s like that, your viewers will still enjoy your content with no headphones. Having a transcript for your video is good for SEO, making your video more visible.

Testing vertical videos across platforms will be a good idea to target the young generation that does social browsing on mobile devices. Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube have established vertical video formats that help viewers maximize viewing on their mobile devices. So, don’t make your audience keep rotating their screen to watch on devices.

4. Track Metrics of Your Video

Can you tell how your videos are performing on the platforms you post? Before you say to figure out the performance, you should have the exact goals of your videos. Do you want to raise brand awareness and help to understand the company’s culture? Or do you seek to address feedback you got from customer reviews? You need to establish realistic goals for your social media video to know metrics you can track.

Getting regular video analytics across several platforms gives you insights on content that is doing best. Once you get viewer data, you will determine what content to invest in. Your videos need to cater to your viewers, and by getting the right metrics, you understand how your audience finds your content. That way, you can also know the channels you need to post your videos as you promote your brand.

Is it easy to get how long your viewers watch your content or retention rate? That will help you prioritize your content. By tracking all your video performance indicators, you can properly refine your video content strategy on social platforms.


Different social media platforms require various ways of optimizing your videos for better results. Before you post any content, gauge the quality and value it will offer your audience. While you can work on the video title, using keywords and tags for your content, keep in mind quality is always the king.

Apart from that, you should ensure to capture and hook your viewers to your video within the first few seconds. Your social media videos also need to be short. Don’t risk discouraging viewers with the long-form content.

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