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How To Set A GIF As A Background In Windows 10?


Sometimes, we are passionate about changing our computer backgrounds, especially when we see an image that we attracted to and feel captivated by. Fortunately, Windows allows the users to change their backgrounds at their discretion provided the image or picture is in a format supported by the operating system. On the contrary, though, GIF is not on the list of …

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How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic In Windows 10


Do you need all those sophisticated equipment to have a high-quality recording? If you consider the level of noise being created daily by the hustle and bustle of modern cities, you would say yes. It’s not just about the equipment; you will be thinking about having a soundproof room to provide you with the best acoustics. The question, however, is, …

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How To Create A Batch File In Windows 10?


You might have heard about the purpose of a batch file but have no clue what it means and how to create one. If that’s true, this piece will address this issue and intimate you with what is meant by a batch file and how can you get the same in Windows 10. Let’s start with the basic details!  What Is …

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