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Online Games For Boys To Play At Spare Time

Today’s generation kids spend more time in front of the screen rather than playing at the playground. It may be of mobile screen, laptop screen or TV screen, gone are the days when young boys and girls used to spend their evening by playing outdoor games or doing some fun activities.

Now, we are living in a world of technology where the children can play with the gaming device. Internet is full of online games. But, they should select the quality games and gaming sites to avoid security threats. In this post, I’m gonna share few of the best online games for boys which are actually fun games to play.

Fabulous Boys Games To Play On The Web

Following are the finest online games for boys to get fun at their free time. 

Mario Games

mario-games-online                                      Image Credit: flashfreeonline.com

When it comes to video gaming, Mario is the undisputed champion. Every gamer starts his life from Mario. It is being played and loved by everyone. There are many websites which would let the boys to play Mario Games Online. The best thing about Mario is that it is easy to play and is considered as the best game in the list of fun games to play. If you wish to bring back those old childhood memories of video gaming, Mario is the best choice for you.

Football Games

football-games-online                                             Image credit: summerjing.blog.com

Football is the most played sports in the world and no doubt, it is widely played on internet too. One of the most favorite online games for boys is Football games. There are many types of Football games available on the internet. You can play this boys’ game online against the computer, random stranger and or with  their friends. If you are searching for fun games to play, try playing football games online and you will get the best online gaming experience.

8 Ball Pool

pool-games-online                                            Image credit: game2soft.net

Who doesn’t like the pool? If you think that pool can be enjoyed only in the real world, then you  never get a chance to play pool game on the web till now. 8 Ball pool is one of the most popular online games for boys. They can either play against the computer or with a random player. The rules are same as in the real world and it is really an amusing online game. You can even download the game by clicking on the download games free button on the screen.

Car Racing Games

car-racing-games-online                                              Image credit: donatecarus.com

Talking about the games for boys and not mentioning the car racing games wouldn’t be fine. When it comes to car racing games, there are so many online games available that the boys may get confused on which game to play. The real beauty of online car racing games for boys is that the players can do a lot of customization to play their preferred game. 

Shooting Games

online-games-for-boys                                              Image credit: gameogre.com

The best thing about shooting games is that they offer a huge variety of games for us. There are many shooting games for boys which offers an amazing adrenaline rush. They will also find many fun games to play under this category where they can shoot animals, birds and even terrorists. It is possible to download many shooting games which fall under download free games for boys category. 

Fun Games to Play

Strategy Games

online-strategy-games                                        Image credit:freeonlinestrategygame.net

Boys with brainy minds who prefer to plan and play, strategic games are the best choice for them. Under this category, they will find many free online games for boys to play. They can play war games, army building games and even games where they need to set up a village or a troop. If they don’t like to play Mario games online or Football games online, they can choose strategy games online to play at their extra time. 

Puzzle Games

puzzle-games-online                                               Image Credit: worldaffairsboard.com

The main thing about puzzle games is that it can be played by people of any age. Countless puzzle games available on the web which seem easy to play but when the players started playing them, they face the real difficulty. These are cool games to play and they help in exercising the brain. The players can decide the level of difficulty in these games and even play along with friends. Puzzle games are the perfect online games for boys who prefer to use their mind in a commendable way. 

Stunt Games

online-stunt-games                                               Image credit: freeaddictinggames.com

This is somehow a new category of online gaming which comes under the adventure games for boys. If boys are looking for some fun games to play where they can perform stunts, this is the right category for them. It involves bike stunts, skateboard stunts, boat stunts and many more. The special thing about these games is the graphics. Boys may get flattered with amazing graphics and the real thrill of stunts.

Cricket Games

cricket-games-online                                       Image Credit:downloadzwarez.blogspot.in

Online Cricket games would be suitable for boys to stay away from regular studying task. With the introduction of tournaments like Indian Premier League and Champions Trophy Twenty20, the world of cricket has changed completely. People are mad about cricket. There is a large group of people for whom cricket is their religion. Boys can play any format they want like T-20, test matches and one day international. There are many fun games to play under this category like Gali cricket, Super sixes etc.

Poker Games

Poker games online                                            Image Credit: poker-full.com

Poker is a card game and is slowly turning out into a fantastic game for boys. In this game, the winner is selected by the ranks and combinations of the player’s cards, few of which remain hidden until the end of the game. It is like a betting game where luck matters a lot and you can even win some real cash by playing this online games for boys.

Final Words

Internet is flooded with plenty of games that kids will enjoy while playing. There is no doubt in the fact that playing online games can be a real fun. There are so many genuine websites offer handpicked games for kids to chill out.

Choosing a reliable gaming site to play the favourite games in a secured environment would give a lot of enjoyment for boys. If they feel bored with their studies, they may play the above listed online games for boys, but they should not get addicted playing games on the web.  

Do you play free games on the internet? Would you like to play these fabulous boys games online? Leave your nice thoughts in comment section.

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