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Top 5 Office Furnishing Tips To Improve Employee Productivity

Modifying the look of your office with these simple office design tips will have a significant impact on your productivity. Research indicates that most high-end enterprises invest quite a bit in top-class furniture because it improves productivity.

Discomfort is an important factor, affecting concentration, and drastically reducing the period, your employees can focus on specific tasks.

So where do you begin? What’s the best office desk to purchase?

What’s the right office chair seat cushion to complement the harmony of your office setup? Here are five furnishing tips to help you along.

5 Great Ideas To Make Your Office Look Better 

1. Common Areas

Common areas are perhaps the least areas in many organizations. It is essential to ensure that you include at least one common area when designing your office space.

These areas are essential because they serve as relaxation areas, areas where your employees can interact, take breaks, relax, and trade valuable ideas.

Employees who have a place to meet and interact tend to be more receptive and productive.

2. Colour Psychology

People attach meaning to color; it’s all about perception. For this reason, the kinds of colors you use in your office set up affect mood, and this mood affects productivity overall. So what colors should you use and which ones should you avoid?

The University of Hawaii indicates that even the concentration of some colors such as yellow can cause feelings of hunger and anger, especially if they are too bright.

Green and blue come highly recommended because they indicate calm and relaxation while a color such as red can create a feeling of excitement.

It is also recommended that you avoid highly reflective colors such as white as they are known to cause eye strain.

3. Plantlife

The point that plants purify the air is not a myth. Plants do get rid of the air of carbon dioxide and other impurities, which essentially makes them a useful addition to your office space.

So it is also a good idea to include some plants in and around your office space, to ensure your employees get this added advantage.

Also, it’s just about their purification properties; plants are also known to help reduce stress levels and to create a positive vibe.

Plants such as the Aloe, snake plant, the ZZ plant are all varieties that do well in offices, look for something that compliments your office space.

4. Invest In Ergonomic Furniture

The study of ergonomics has had the effect of blending furniture designs that seem to combine health and comfort.

The idea behind contemporary office furniture designs has had the result of maximizing efficiency and productivity by lessining the physical effort needed to complete a task.

Ergonomic furniture also reduces discomfort, and is known to fix posture, and contribute to your back’s health. This is why it is recommended to go for this type of furniture.

5. Proper Storage

In this new technological age, very few companies have to worry about the amount of clutter that paperwork comes attached to, but that’s not to say that storage isn’t necessary.

Congestion and clutter are always a cause for concern, and it is for this reason that you should invest in proper storage.

The best solution is to offer a kind of centralized storage space, where you can organize shelving, put up cases and cabinets. Here files and other documents can be logged and kept safely.

Clutter makes your office look disorganized and affects the image your company gives out to your clients.

Bottom Line

Setting up efficient workspace counts for more than people give it credit for. Your employees will respond better to a comfortable, cultured space, and this will have the effect of improving their output.

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