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NuForce Launched Primo 8 Earphones With Advanced Speaker Design

You could get some valuable details of a newly launched NuForce Primo 8 Earphones through this post. 

NuForce Inc. is one of the reputed company and also one of the best gadget manufacturers all over the world. The company deals in manufacturing audio enthusiasts which are featured with superior sound and their design is very simple & elegant. The company also won several awards in the past and nowadays, it is one of the world’s leading audio device manufacturers.

NuForce Primo 8 Advanced Earphones

This company delivers home theaters, earphones, ear-headphones, amplifiers and home stereo products. It also provides the best services to their customers and hence their customers are increasing day by day. Recently, this company launched NuForce Primo 8 earphone in the global market, which provides a high-quality sound to the listener. It is a coherent phase and quad speaker supreme quality earphone. The main feature of this electronic gadget is that it is featured with unsurpassed vocal sound quality and it is made of quad balanced armature design.

Specifications of NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

Here are some of the major specifications of NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

• Weight  is 19.3 grams only with the impressive cable length 55.1 inches.

• Frequency response ranging between 18Hz to 22Hz.

• Impedance is 38 Ohm with 118dB sensitivity.

Accessories included with this NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

Following accessories are included in NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

• Two pairs of complying isolation foam ear tips.

• Eight pairs of Silicone ear tips.

• A detachable cable about 51.2 inches with a microphone.

• Non-mic cable (optional)

• Airline adapter with another adapter about 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm.

• Primo 8 leather pouch.

• Cleaning tool & microfiber cleaning cloth 

Highlights of NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

This tech gadget has so many exciting features and few of them are

• Breathtaking realism is the main highlight of this earphone.

• It is featured with an audiophile quality speaker system.

• It comes with a unique and proprietary cable design.

• Ideal balance and accuracy are the other best bits of this earphones.

Ultimate Sound and Value

The proprietary design and various advanced functionality with some additional features have empowered this earphone to deliver ultimate sound, value and industry leading performance. It is an innovative invention of NuForce and surely change the way of listening music. It is definitely extraordinary device at the mid-range price and it is far much superior to other earphones.

Features of NuForce Primo 8 Earphones

NuForce Primo 8 Earphones’s best features

Here come the vital features of this grand electronic tool

• It consists of four balanced armature drivers which help in delivering an extended response, fatigue-free sound, dynamic & explosive realism and a smooth sound quality.

• Its design units are helping in operating bass frequency and speaker treble bands.

• The two bass speakers comes with these earphones provides an awesome sound experience to the users.

• The balanced armature drivers come with this earphone provides the highest efficiency of sound and also compatible for any type of speaker design available in the market.

• It is more coherent and refined earphones as compared to any other balanced armature earphone available in the global market.

• Other distinctive features of this earphone are clarity, mid-range resolution, and neutrality, which made this earphone far much better than other earphones.

Linear Phase Crossover Network

This earphone is made from three-way phase-coherent crossover network design due to which it becomes easier to achieve a perfect linear phase performance. It also helps in setting a fully dimensional soundstage, crystalline transparency, and lightning fast transients.


NuForce Inc. is a California based consumer electronics product company that delivers audiophile-grade amplifiers, earphones, digital to analog converters etc. Recently it launches Primo 8 earphones with advanced speaker design at a cost of $499 and now it is available worldwide. 

Each earpiece in this earphone has four proprietary armature speakers that work tandem to give natural sounding. This high-efficiency earphone is sophisticated and coherent than any other earphone which offers Hi-Fi quality audio to its users.

What do you think about NuForce Primo 8 Earphones? is it worth buying this mid-range gadget? Share your views.

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