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Top 7 Free Notepad Alternatives That You Need To Know

Notepad is one of the programs that come by default with Windows. It is a simple and easy to use text editor which offers trouble-free text editing. It is uncomplicated, light, fast and easy to use. Despite all these features, Notepad is not that much powerful as heavy text editing is not offered by this text editor.

Even though that the Notepad is a popular and fast program, it is limited in functionality. We may need a powerful, feature rich text editor which can work as the perfect alternative for Notepad. In this post, I’m gonna discuss the top 5 best Notepad alternatives which are free to use.


7 Best Free Alternatives to Notepad

Check the powerful Notepad substitutes below!



One of the best Notepad alternatives is Notepad++. It is a popular, free source, and function rich text editor. It offers syntax highlighting, syntax folding, Unicode support, drag & drop function and regular expression search.

It is compatible with all versions of Windows. It provides higher execution speed and smaller size as it is written in C++. It is very much popular among programmers due to its robust functions. You can easily download the Notepad++ from their official site.


PSPad is a superlative editor designed for Microsoft Windows OS, as well as it has a hottest version of 4.5.9 (2600) which was modernized on March 1 of 2015. It is a handy program that can work with several programming environments. If you look for an absolute time-saving text editor, PSPad is the ideal choice as it gives rich formatting functions.

This remarkable notepad alternative has a full HEX editor, FTP client, external compiler, spell-checker, auto-correction tool, integrated library, CSS editor and much more.

EditPad Lite

This is another powerful alternative for notepad that supports the text manipulation and conversion. It is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP, and can be used to edit any kind of plain text file. You can configure color, size, and appearance of the program. Besides, you may even customize cursor size, color, and blinking style.

Not only these, you can open large number of files at a same time and can change the files by simply clicking on their tabs. It is small and easy to install a text editor. The pro version of EditPad Lite is available for business owners and it offers automatic backup and full Unicode support. Download EditPad Lite now.


Metapad is a speedy manuscript editor, which is free of charge for Windows (95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7) edition. It has more comparable skin texture in the direction of Microsoft Notepad nevertheless by way of numerous additional features.

Dual customizable font support, dirty file notification, Auto-indent mode, intelligent find & replace and configurable tab stop setting are some of the impressive features of Metapad.


It looks very much similar to Notepad but once you click on the menus, you will see the real difference. It supports syntax highlighting and can be used without any installation. Since it is a lightweight portable tool, it can be carried in a storage device and can be used with any computer.

You don’t need to install this best Notepad alternative as it can be run out of the box and does not touch the system registry.

TED Notepad 

TED Notepad is the best free Notepad alternative. This non-complex tool is easy to use. Its interface is very much similar to Notepad, but it have many added features. It is a very small program with only 120kb of the size. There is a portable version also available for TED Notepad.

Since the TED Notepad offers text-processing functions and time-saving tools, you may use it for quick advanced editing. This exceptional text editor can fit on any USB flash disk and loads straight away without any installation.


AkelPad is a simple open source text editor that is used for plain text editing. One of the best things about AkelPad is that it is very small and very much fast in loading. It is one of the best Notepad alternatives as it supports DOS/Windows, Unix, Mac and any Unicode codepage installed in the system.

Another amazing thing about this text editor is that it supports plug-ins so that you can add needed features whenever you want. Besides, it has awesome features like preview file open, multi-level undo, fast search, remember file code-page, document printing, and few more innovative features.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that Notepad is a very useful text editor, but sometimes we need good substitutes. So, above are the best alternatives to Notepad that are light in weight with lots of useful features. You may give them a try to select the best one suitable for your needs.

What is your opinion about these dynamic Notepad alternatives? Share your views in the comment section. 

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