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Nokia Launches Nokia 106 & Nokia 107

The 21st century has witnessed heavy dominance of mobile phones both simple and sophisticated. We hear about different types of models that include the likes of feature phones, smartphones, tablets among others. Out of the many brands competing in the market, one mobile phone manufacturer, who has been able to capture the hearts of a good number of people out there is none other than Nokia.

The latest that we see coming out of the basket of Nokia is nothing, but this peculiar feature phone duo, namely Nokia 106 & Nokia 107 (Dual SIM).

Getting to know Nokia 106 & Nokia 107 models

Nokia 106 & Nokia 107

Introduction to Nokia 106 & NOkia 107 modes

At a very basic level, we hear a number of critics and reviewers quoting Nokia 106 & Nokia 107 to be nothing, but just another entry level phone models. If we were to focus on the physical aspect of these feature phones coupled with their basic functioning ability, then we will come to realize that both these phones carry somewhat similar characteristics.

First and foremost, these two phones are known to thoroughly resemble one another as far as the design parameter is concerned. Moreover, these devices are known to take inspiration from 105 Lumia model. Similarly, both these mobile phones are known to be churned out by making use of polycarbonate. Some other common features noted in these devices include the calendar, clock, snake, radio and so on and so forth.

Battery at its Best

Apart from the above mentioned aspects, there are certain areas that mark a sufficient level of differentiation among the aforementioned two feature phone models. At a very primary level, we can easily come to the conclusion that both these models tend to enjoy a highly decent battery life.

To be more specific, the Nokia 107 model is known to come complete with a 1020 mAh battery, while on the other hand the Nokia 106 device is known to sport a 800 mAh battery. All in all, both these devices are known to offer you continuous and undisturbed conversations, photo sessions coupled with audio/video engagements and that also in a single charge.

Price to Die For:

If we were to talk about the price aspect of these devices, then we can simply state that they happen to come across as absolute value for money models. Moreover, these tough and sturdy devices coupled with some outstanding and out of the box features are believed to be made available in the market at somewhat sweetly surprising prices.

To throw further light on the same, let me tell you that you can now become a proud owner of the Nokia 106 model by simply shelling out $23. On the other hand, you can get a taste of the Nokia 107 model by doing away with just $25.

Nokia 107 over & above Nokia 106:

Apart from the above stated characteristics the Nokia 106 & Nokia 107 models tend to come full with a large array of other complementing add ons. For all you music lovers out there the Nokia 107 model tends to comes across as just the right bet.

This is mainly because, this particular device makes available a slot to squeeze in your microSd card that eventually allows you to save much more music hits and enjoy the same in due course of time.

Moreover, this device is known to help you entertain yourself with some music playback for a nice stretch of 34.8 hours. However, if a comparison is to be made between Nokia 106 & Nokia 107 models, then in that case it would always be wise to settle for the Nokia 107 model. 

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