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Ninja Blaster – Best Facebook Marketing Tool

Do you use FaceBook for promoting your blog posts? Then, I am certain that you are a member of some FB groups as well. It is an undeniable fact that an active FaceBook group can get you a considerable amount of eyeballs.

To be honest, posting updates to FB groups and fan pages are really tedious. We will kill ourselves out of boredom. The same goes for emails as well. Sometimes, we find it difficult to send a massive number of emails in a short time.

What if I give you a tool that can handle your FB group updates, fan page statuses and massive email sending altogether? Then, we will call the tool a name- the savior.

Introducing Ninja Blaster

As an internet marketer, you know that Google takes social signals as a ranking factor. So, we can’t keep ourselves away from sharing the blog updates.

As I told earlier, this can become tiring. Ninja Blaster is created to reduce the boredom of continuous social sharing.

It can do a lot of things for you. This desktop software works for your FaceBook related activities. But quite a few features are available for Gmail as well.

Features of Ninja Blaster To Serve As Facebook Marketing Tool

You can find a lot of auto posting tools out there. However, you will not find a worthy one like Ninja Blaster. Check out the features given below to validate my statement.


#1. FB Auto Group Poster


As a web admin, you have to post the same update on a lot of FaceBook groups. If you choose to do it manually, you will end up being broke. Though many auto posters are available, we can’t confirm that every single one of them is safe.

All you have to do is to enter the credentials, choose the photo, load the groups and finally start the posting.

About 70,000,000 photos were posted to groups using Ninja Blaster software, can you believe?

#2. FB Fan Page Poster


We maintain our brand fan page and care about it too. While posting on your FB fan page, you must be extra vigilant not to post anything spammy because it’s our own page.

Ninja Blaster takes care of this thing very well. You have to type the texts or upload the photos, then publish the post.

This incredible tool will take care of everything.

#3. Group Joiner and Unjoiner


Are you a budding digital marketer looking forward to joining some FB groups from your niche? Or you must be the one like me who gets often frustrated by spammy group updates.

You can make use of Ninja Blaster’s FB group joiner for this purpose. To launch the same, just click on the Auto

Group Joiner (You can choose Manual Group Joiner as well. But this one helps you to join as many groups in a short time).

Then, enter your username and password. Fill Groups to Join per Keyword with some groups you want to join. And finally, input your keywords.

Hit start and boom! You are done.

#4. Long Tail Keyword Finder


Google is getting smarter each day, and they are keen in releasing new animals (I mean almost).

So, keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. The best thing you can do is target all the long tail and LSI keywords, not a particular one. It’s a proven fact that you can rank well if you diversify keywords with LSI items.

You can find good long tail keywords using Ninja Keywords feature. Launch the service from the home screen of the software.

Just enter a keyword and click Add. The next task is selecting the search engine. After doing so, you are ready to go.


Higher the levels, greater will be the number of words in keywords.

N.B. – You can also add a list of keywords from a .txt file. Choose Load from File option for that.

#5. Gmail Sender

Emails got an inevitable place in our lives. So sometimes, we have to send a lot of emails in a short time. You can accomplish such task like a walk in the park using Ninja Blaster’s Email Sender.

Launch the in-app tool from the home of Ninja Blaster. On the first white field, you should enter the email addresses, one per line. If you got any .txt file with a lot of email ids, you could try that too with Import option. Make sure that you use one id per line.

Type your Gmail username and password in the next field. The next two fields are meant for Subject and message respectively. You can add attachments as well.

N.B.- You have to select a port on top. Make sure that is open or not blocked by your antivirus.

Pricing Plans of Ninja Blaster

As of now, you can get limited time offer on Ninja Blast. Check its three different pricing options,


Wrapping Up

I would say that the Ninja Blaster is the best automation tool for Facebook marketing. Since it offers several social marketing services like Facebook page posting, bulk email sending, email list building, auto posting on Facebook groups, Facebook commenting and much more, any digital marketer may use it to find their targeted audience on Facebook and engage with them efficiently.

Supporting the Gmail & Pinterest and option to do keyword research & check competition are the exciting feature this incredible social media as well as Facebook marketing tool for brand enhancement. I hope that you got a clear idea of Ninja Blaster software. In our busy online lives, it is an excellent solution for most of our social media needs.

The five features that I explained above are a fraction of its full features (they include link poster, twitter poster, etc.). You are free to explore all of them. So just shake off the laziness and download Ninja Blaster now.

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  1. Emails got an inevitable place in our lives. So sometimes, we have to send a lot of emails in a short time. You can accomplish such task like a walk in the park using Ninja Blaster’s Email Sender.

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