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The Truth About New Zealand’s Start-up Scene: It’s Awesome

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New Zealand’s startup scene is experiencing incredible growth and a fantastic opportunity. There have been incubators, accelerators, and investment schemes happening left right and centre – so is it time that you got on board with the New Zealand startup scene? Let’s take a look at the facts about New Zealand and take it from there.

New Zealand is an island nation with a population of around 4.47 million people. To set up a business in New Zealand is relatively hassle free and pretty cheap, and there is a great standard of living in the country. Add to this that New Zealand is THE LEAST corrupt nation in the world, and you have a pretty good looking set of reasons why you should base your next business there.

That said, the island of New Zealand is a loooong way away from the United States and Europe, and finding investment capital in the local area can be a bit tough – given that things are just starting to take off here. No matter, it’s well worth a look in, if only for the fact that there’s no capital gains tax! Add to this the fact that rent is reasonable, the cost of living isn’t crazy (hellooo New York, we’re looking at you), and NZ is your new bff when it comes to setting up a startup.

What are some of the great parts about doing business in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful (and friendly) countries in the world. Nobody really takes themselves too seriously New Zealand, which is often a good thing – when you consider places like Hong Kong, where a lot of people take themselves really seriously and are very competitive. This can be fine when you’re looking to do ‘big business’ but when you’re thinking about starting a startup, you probably want to take things a little bit less seriously. Think about the kind of business you have and what kind of environment you want to work and live in. A fun and relaxed style of business will do well in New Zealand.

What’s the talent like?

There are a lot of incredibly talented people living in New Zealand who have diverse skill sets, and who are happy to work with emerging brands and businesses. This is due to the nature of the startup scene itself, and the fact that many successful bigger companies in NZ were once startups too. From a marketing perspective, New Zealand is a great test market for new ideas and business concepts. It’s a very easy place to set up a business, and it’s for this reason that New Zealand is such a popular place for startups and businesses

It’s a launch pad for the biggest brands in the world

Many businesses and brands launch in New Zealand first before anywhere else in the world. True story! The range of feedback that companies get from their New Zealand market is sufficient to determine the success of a product worldwide. If that’s not an incredible fact (and a great reason for YOU to build your business there I don’t know what is!)
One more thing…

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