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Most Expected New Technology Gadgets

Last year, 2014 is over and we have moved on to New Year 2015. We came across some amazing gadgets like One Plus One, Power up 3.0, iPhone 6, Selfie Stick etc. which has been rocked last year. As it is said that time never stops and so does technology.

We are living in an era where technology is moving at a very fast pace and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it will keep developing no matter what happens. So, as we enter into the New Year, we are expecting the best new gadgets 2015 with exciting features.

In this post, I’ve listed the most expected new technology gadgets 2015 that are anticipated to hit the consumer market and win people’s heart effortlessly.

10 Most Wanted New Tech Gadgets 2015

Have a look at the useful gadgets we’re looking forward to see in 2015.

Apple Watch

If we talk about the amazing gadgets and if there is no mention of Apple, it would not be fine. At the launch of iPhone 6 in September, Apple gave a pleasant shock to the tech world by launching iPhone 6 plus and Apple Watch. However, tech lovers only got a limited look of the device and company is still working on it.


Apple Watch is definitely the most expected gadget of 2015 and is estimated to be available around March, 2015. It is an amazing gadget which can track your fitness to give you a healthy lifestyle and it is equipped with a remarkable unique operating system and heart rate sensor.

The most important thing about this wearable gadget which makes it different from all other tech watches is its classy and elegant design. The cheapest version would cost $350 and the expensive version, 18 carat gold version, will cost $5,000.

Oculus Rift

Are you a game lover? If so, Oculus Rift would be your most preferred new gadget 2015. It is a virtual reality gadget which would completely change your gaming experience. Even though this exciting gadget has been announced, it will be made available to the users in the summer of 2015.


This is one of the coolest gadgets as Mark Zuckerberg was so impressed and he bought the company, Oculus Rift for $2 billion as he believed that the virtual reality could be the next stuff after mobile. Moreover, Samsung and Sony are also expected to launch their VR head gear this year.

Let’s see who will win the heart of gamers. There is no word on its pricing yet.

OnePlus Two

Fully justifying its tag line “Flag Ship Killer”, OnePlus One sold like hot cakes in 2014. With all high-end specs at just $350, OnePlus One showed the world that awesome mid-range phones still exists.


The company used an incredible marketing strategy to sell the device in which users who have the invite code can only buy it. The official Cyanogen mode just adds to the beauty of this beast. With so much success in 2014, we are expecting the next version OnePlus Two in 2015.

There are rumors that the second version will have a smaller screen and will be equipped with even better specs. Although, there is no official news yet.

Windows 10

Microsoft surprised everyone when it launched Windows 10 instead of anticipated Windows 9. Many users are enjoying the small preview of it but still it is in the testing period. It is expected that it will be fully available by the end of 2015 and thus you may work with the exciting gadgets running on Windows 10 this year. 


The main feature of Windows 10 is Continuum, which allows it to change its interface as per the device. Windows 10 is designed in such a perfect way that it will work on all devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops and even Xbox. Not only this latest technology 2015 product, we are also expecting a Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft.

Microsoft was all set to launch a smaller version of surface pro, Surface mini, in 2014 but it launched Surface pro 3 instead. Let’s see whether we will see the smaller version or an upgraded version.


HTC One or HTC M8 was the undisputed champion when it comes to looks and design. The all new refined, all aluminium and sturdy design was just class apart. However, it didn’t attracted much users due to its poor 4MP camera. A phone doesn’t get users just because of its design and looks.


If the company wants to remain in the business, then they have to work hard on the inside part of the device. So, we are expecting an all new, better look, smooth software and superior camera for next version of HTC One or HTC M9 in the upcoming 2015 phones list.

It would definitely be among the best gadgets of 2015, if it fulfills user’s expectations.

Moto X/Moto G (2015 Edition)

Motorola finally came back into the game when it launched Moto G and Moto X. I would say that both are the wonderful gadgets with perfect price. Things didn’t change much when Lenovo acquired Motorola and it came up with even better phones with Moto X and Moto G, 2nd Generation.


However, the device is getting a tough competition from players like Xiaomi, Asus and even OnePlus. So, we are expecting Motorola to come up with an improved version and introduce Snapdragon 410 and 64-bit OS in its device.

Apart from this, the phone will have a great display, awesome camera, good battery life and even few good changes in it will totally change the game.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Internal sources are to be trusted that Samsung has named the project S6 as Project Zero as it is planning to take a fresh new start and come up with something extra ordinary. The most popular flagship line of Samsung will see its 6th device soon and thus it gets listed under the most expected new technology gadgets 2015.


There are rumors that Samsung will adopt the design and premium metal frame like Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, and Galaxy S6 will also be the first Samsung device to get a 64-bit chip and Snapdragon 810. Other expected upgrades are a 21MP camera with Sony IMX240 Sensor and starting storage form 32GB.

The device is expected to launch in early 2015. Apart from this new phone 2015, Samsung Galaxy S6, we are also expecting Note 5, smart watches and bendable screen phones from Samsung.

Apple iPad Pro (12’’ Screen)

Apple iPad Pro would be one of the best gadgets of 2015. We all are hearing about a larger version of iPad from a long time. In August, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working to launch a bigger version of iPad with a huge 12-inch screen. If everything goes right, 2015 could be the year when we see the new kind of tablets.


Reports suggest that it would be called Apple iPad Pro and it will be equipped with an updated iOS for multi-window tasking.

There is no doubt that 2015 would be the year of Apple and this big tablet would be in the list of “Cool gadgets to buy”.

A whole new era of *cheap* 4K TVs

In 2014, we met some overwhelming tech gadgets which we were not expected. We saw something amazing, so crystal clear that nothing could be clearer than it. Yes, I’m talking about 4K TVs and if they were not enough to surprise us, what surprised us more was their price.


One would have to shed money equal to one month rent to own a 4K TV. So, in 2015 we are expecting that 4K TVs become mainstream and would be affordable to buy.

Good news is that LG & Samsung are already working on it and thus we might get this awesome device in the cool cheap gadgets 2015 list.

Project Ara

There are chances that you might have not heard about Project Ara but it is combined project by Google and Motorola which would change the way we look at our smartphones.


Project Ara is all about modular upgrading where a user can remove and replace the parts of the phone. Like, if a new camera with better specs is released in the market then you can just buy it and replace it with your old camera.

This sound interesting, isn’t it? Thus I’ve listed it under the new technology coming out in 2015. 

Final Words

Technology is changing and growing fast and thus new gadgets for 2015 will replace the old gadgets of 2014. So, the above are the most expected new technology gadgets 2015 that we are waiting for to perceive.

I hope that you’re well engaged with the details of top 10 expected gadgets of 2015. Let me know which of the 2015 gadgets do you like the best and why? Share your views in comment section.

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  1. Hi mam,

    It looks like 2015 is the year for Gadgets. It can be called as “Gadgets Year”. Nice to see all those devices. Waiting for S6

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for getting time to check my post Umapathy 🙂

      Yeah, we look forward some awesome gadgets this year and good to know that your preferred tech gadget is Samsung Galaxy S6. Not only you, most of the Samsung fans are awaiting for this striking gadget.

      Keep coming to share your views 🙂

  2. Nirmala I cover best tablets and smartphones at my blog, this is the reason that this post immediately attracted me. This year 2015 is definitely going to be a special one as many amazing gadgets are going to launch. I am going to wait for Apple’s Watch and OnePlus Two as I expect both of them to get lot of success in the year 2015.

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Good to know your views Mohit.

      Not only you, most of the tech fans are expecting to get the Apple Watch as it can track and improve our health.

      As you said, 2015 will bring some amazing gadgets for us which would make our life easier.

      Thanks for reading my post, stay tuned 🙂

  3. Yes…. this gadgets top the most wanted in 2015…cool reading this info

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Hadharm, thanks for getting time to check these innovative tech gadgets of this year 2015. Keep showing your presence to grab some helpful information.

  4. hello,
    Oculus Rift, is the best one for Game Freak, like me. Hope it will not take another 10 years to launch in India.

  5. Oculus Rift that can change my eye… it’s really awesome and perfect for game like real…

    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes Agaust,

      Not only you, most of the game lovers are expecting the launch of Oculus Rift. Let’s wait for its arrival. Thanks for showing interest to check my post, stay tuned!

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