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MyUKMailbox Review: Get a UK address for shopping

We all are crazy about shopping. Today, the Internet has brought people and businesses across the world so close to each other that online shopping all over the world has become easy. Recently I was browsing through the internet to get hold of some great gift item for my friend’s wedding What grabbed my attention was that there is a wide range of products at great prices available in the UK stores. Some of the products are unique and available only in UK stores. But the major problem arose when I realized that the product I want to buy can be shipped only within the UK. Even though some stores ship overseas but they charge almost double the amount.

So what’s the way to get hold of these products?

The solution came in the form of MYUKmailbox, a UK package and parcel forwarding service which delivers the products the way we want.


MyUKMailbox is safe, affordable and reliable UK package and UK Parcel forwarding service which is available to people across the globe.  Now I can shop from any UK online store and get my product to my country with few simple steps.

How MyUKMailbox works?

When you sign up to MyUKMailbox, you get your own UK Sheffield Street address. In other words, you get your own UK mailbox address.

The next step is shopping. Shop online at any UK store and order your favorite products. While ordering just fill in your MyUKMailbox address and you are done! The rest will be handled. Isn’t it easy?

Now the items you have purchased will be delivered to your MyUKMailbox’s warehouse. All your products will be consolidated into one shipment and delivered to you. This will also save you a lot of money. The best part is there are no hidden terms and conditions or extra charges. So you have to do nothing and just wait for your product!

In short,

  1. Open your MyUKMailbox.com account
  2. Purchase your product from the UK online store
  3. Use the MyUKMailbox mailing address provided to you.
  4. MyUKMailbox will receive your products and ship them.
  5. Wait to see your product!

What else does MyUKMailbox offer?

Sign up for UK Parcel Forwarding – MyUKmailbox.com

Apart from giving you your UK street Address and delivering your products at your doorstep, MyUkMailBox offers a wide array of services. Let’s have a look at them:

1 Photo Service

This is the unique characteristic of MyUKmailbox. It takes the photos of all your products as they arrive and send it to you. It will help you ensure that your products are intact and are the ones that you ordered.

2. Scan and Email 

The Scan and Email service allow them to open your letters, scan them and mail them to you. This saves not only your time but also the postage costs.

3. Address book

The service of the address book is available only to premium members. The service allows you to forward products to your friends and families just with a single account. All you need to do is to feed in all the addresses in your address book and when you are ready to send the gift, just choose the address to send to.

4. Parcel consolidation and repacking

Suppose you order products from different stores – like one from Zara, the other from Amazon and so on. Within the country, each product will be delivered to you separately. So, all the products come to your MyUKMailbox address separately. To ease the situation and save both money and time, parcel consolidation and repacking service will consolidate all your products in a single pack and deliver it to you.

5. BuyForMe

What if the UK store does not accept your credit or debit card if your billing address is not from the United Kingdom? Here comes the BuyForMe service to your help. They will buy the product on your behalf. The service costs just 10% (8% with premium) of the value of the purchase which is quite affordable.

6. Re-invoicing

Another great feature of MyUKMailbox, wherein you can re-invoice your items, and price them on the commercial invoice to save tons of money when your product passes through custom.

7. Insurance

To protect your product from loss and damage avail this service.

8. Free Storage

A free storage period of 14 days for the free members and 45 days for the premium members is offered within this service.

9. Business Service

If you want your business to be known, especially in the UK, then MyUkMailBox is the best to work with. They receive products from your suppliers and then deliver them to your customers throughout the country and even all over the world.

10. Import into the UK

Besides being a mail and parcel forwarding company, MyUkMailBox also offers an import service. You can buy online products from anywhere in the world, and they will deliver it to your country with MyUKMailbox forwarding service.

11. Pricing


MyUkMailBox offers three pricing options to its clients. Each option has a variety of services.

So what are you waiting for?

Open your account, get your UK address for shopping and start shopping!



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