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Mp3Skulls – The Best MP3 Music Search Engine

This blog post is all about the Mp3Skulls music, the best source for the Mp3 song download lovers!

There are a lot of ways to get music available from various sources on the internet like the online streaming sites, but there are few sites that list whole downloadable contents at once and used to download from there itself.

In this post, I’m going to talk about such a website portal that helps you to download music files in mp3 format, the MP3Sulls. The Mp3Skulls could be considered as the best way to grab your favorite music.

If you’re seeking for some of these kinds of websites like Mp3Skull I’ve also included the list of the “Best 5 Alternatives for the Mp3Skulls music download”.

All of the mp3 music download sites have a huge collection of songs, and those can be downloaded for free of cost.

About Mp3Skull


The Mp3Skulls is a popular music search engine website founded in 2010 that brings all the downloadable music files under a single hub for ease of download for everyone.

Much like all other search engines, it also shows you the searched keyword with appropriate result and a direct-downloadable link of the music files only in mp3 format.

It also provides the user with the high quality of music up to 320kbps bitrate ranging up to 10MB of file size. You can also download music files in 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, and 256kbps with size from 1MB to 5-8MB respectively.

In 2015, the site was reported as highly trafficked Mp3 website among its category that features direct downloading of music. Mp3skull was receiving over one million visitors per day as in March 2015 according to its Wikipedia profile.

When the world’s popular, legitimate and legal search engine Google updated its algorithm that made it be completely against the sites that cause copyright infringement, illegal, piracy, and sites with disturbing content.

The Mp3Skulls was subjected to the controversy of providing a platform for users to download unauthorized copies of copyrighted music with no legal license.

The Mp3Skulls domain name was changed in early of 2015 from Mp3Skulls.com to Mp3Skulls.to, and by 2016 the site was made offline due to frequent court appeals due to its copyright-infringing activities and the owners were fined a huge amount of $22 million.

But, it is known that the piracy and the illegal sharing of files cannot be stopped since the coverage of internet here we introduce you the latest version of Mp3Skulls along with its trending alternatives.

Mp3Skulls – Latest Live Site

It is really amusing for the music lovers that the old mp3Skulls are still live with a lot of upgraded features. The website has now been restricted to provide millions of legal free mp3 music downloads.

The people behind this new website is still unknown, we can assume that it may be running by people who scrutinize the site is just taking advantage of the brand name.

The site displays with in its landing page that it is a music search engine for educational purposes, without any illegal content hosted on their servers. It fetches mp3 files from the music sharing sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, Last.fm, VK.com, Spotify, Goear etc.

It also warns the users to not to use any of the downloaded files for commercial purposes.

Previously, the site wasn’t encouraging any advertisements but it is now found that it is popping up ads on clicking on the site.

But luckily, the site has been compromised with adding new options like browse through New Tracks, HipHop Songs, Top 100 and All Tracks. It also displays a list of songs you may like within the Homepage itself.

The website also compiles all the legal terms and conditions, users can even submit their suggestions to the admin and the publishers can report any DCMA related problems to the website administrator.

Further, if you wish to upload any music content to the site, just do it from right below “Upload” option from the website and help others to avail the music file.

Also, you can enjoy MP3skulls new songs download!

How To Download Mp3Skulls Music?

Step 1: First of all go to the latest website of Mp3Skulls music download search engine, from this link: https://www.mp3skulls.audio/

Step 2: Search for the song that you need to download like in the image below and click on Search. You can enter the Song Name or the Artist Name to find out the song that you’re searching for.


Step 3: And now you’ll be taken to the Search Results page of Mp3Skulls, with all the possible files that relate to the keyword that you’ve entered.

Find the music file that you need to download, and Click on the Download Mp3 button below it. You can also preview the music, before downloading to ensure, it is the same that you’re searching of and quality of the file.

Step 4: That’s it, finally you’re on the download page. Choose the Bitrate 320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps, 64kbps of the mp3 file that you need to download.

Upon clicking the button, you’ll be asked to select the downloading location, save it and the download will start automatically.

Tada!! That was pretty cool right, really simple steps to download music files in mp3 format quickly within seconds.

Best 5 Alternatives For Mp3Skull Music Search Engine

From the guide above that describes How to Download music from Mp3Skulls, you might have noticed that the audio file that you’ve downloaded belongs to Youtube, as they have mentioned on their home page.

So basically, the video is converted into its audio format and you’ve directly got from the site. So you can use the downloader website available to do the same.

Now, let’s have a look at the sites similar to Mp3Skulls music download source!

1. MP3Clan

Another popular mp3 audio search engine that only supports downloading legal contents.

It has also an elegant interface, displaying songs differentiated based on its Genres, again grouped into different sections like the Top 20 Songs, Live Searches, Top 20 Albums.

It also allows the user to listen to live preview of the audio file before downloading it. So, simply open the site, search and download the files that you love to listen to.

Visit MP3Clan

2. Mp3Juices.cc

A simple website with really beautiful minimal User Interface, the Mp3 Juices makes a great alternative for the Mp3Skull.

The free mp3 search engine searches music over serval sources associated with it and gives you results accordingly. It only displays copyright free contents as the search result.

The site also acts as a Youtube Mp3 Converter, just paste the URL of the video and get it converted into its audio format and download it for offline.

Visit MP3Juices

3. eMp3

You’re going to love this site directly once after its homepage gets displayed, with its colorful logo in the header, the site looks extremely great.

It is also helpful to download the particular music files of your choice, just search it by entering a related keyword in the search bar then download it.

If you’re from India then you can get amused by seeing the Bollywood Albums tab in its browsing section, displaying all the latest trending collection of songs available.

Thus I have listed the eMp3 as one of the sites like MP3Skulls MP3 download!

Visit eMP3

4. MP3 Viper

It is the best alternative for the Mp3Skull free MP3 Download, with pretty much similar functionalities and features, the website will enable you to download the music files from various streaming sites.

Visit MP3 Viper

5. Allmusic

The Allmusic is also a popular mp3 search engine like the Mp3Skulls music resource, interestingly it features the latest kinds of music that has been released in the industry.

It also displays you recommend music, even the users can discover the songs of their choice by using the Advanced Search option. It could be concluded as an encyclopedia of music.

Visit Allmusic

These sites are much similar to the video sharing sites, as I mentioned earlier. It just helps you to endeavor the music files that are available on the website with free of cost, it can be even asserted to as the largest collection of mp3 music in the entire web.

These mp3 downloading sites are also multi-linguistic, so grab the audio files that are being created from anywhere in the world. For the better results, use the keywords related to the movies name, artist name, songs name, and the album name.

Wrapping Up

So far, the Mp3Skulls has become the significant source to download free mp3 songs with the time changing be sure the files you download are having proper copyrights.

So, would you like to utilize the MP3Skulls music download for free? Do you have any other good websites to get the free MP3 music? Share your views in the comment section. 

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