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Movavi Video Suite — Creative, Persuasive Videos in a Few Clicks

Gone are days when editing videos and building a creative, persuasive and powerful piece of art took a long time and did have a requirement of high expertise on computer, particularly video editing programmes such as Premier. Yet, a tool from Movavi is all set to redefine this thing, by introducing a simpler yet comprehensive solution to create video projects — Movavi Video Suite. In addition, unlike typical video editing solutions out there, Movavi Video Suit offers a few other features such as exporting videos into various multimedia formats, integrating soundtracks of your own. In this post, to understand Movavi Video Suite in a better way, we shall have a look on various feature of this tool.

An Overview on Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is a complete video maker solution for computers running on Microsoft Windows. If you have a PC running on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8, you can download Movavi Video Suite and the installation file has a size of 145MB, which is quite low when compared to those heavy-sized video editing solutions in market. When we consider its support for various languages such as German, Movavi Video Suite becomes the optimum solution for those who want to create splendid videos for personal or professional purposes without spending that much time. In order to get things in a clearer form, we will check out what all tasks can be accomplished using Movavi Video Suite.


Movavi Video Suite Lets You

  • Using this solution, you can create superb videos from different types of media content. The list includes the video clips you have, photos you have captured etc. When considering the extraordinarily impressive set of transition effects, combining these contents to form a meaningful piece of art will be comparatively easy.


  • Apart from inputting details from files, you can instantly record media and embed it to the project. You can, for instance, use the web cam of computer to record your own narration if you are preparing a video for v-blogging. Similarly, you can add voiceover to these videos as well.
  • Easier conversion of your project to popular multimedia formats is yet another impressive feature of Movavi Video Suite. Since it has a nice set of supported devices and corresponding file formats, you can just select the target device and export the video into the specified formats. So, there will be no trouble in finding file format that suits the device.



Simple User Interface

When compared to other tools for video editing, Movavi Video Suite has an ultimately simple user interface. This UI not only makes things simple for a mediocre user but also lets a newbie edit and create video regardless his level of expertise.


Final Verdict

While considering its impressive features, particularly the collection of superb video effects and easier conversion to multimedia files, Movavi Video Suite is a must-have solution for every video editing enthusiast out there!

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