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Best Narendra Modi Games Free Download

In this post, I’ve gathered some thrilling Narendra Modi games to play on Andriod devices.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well known for his love of technology and active social media presence. One of the biggest hoaxes which might also be true is that his win nationally was possible because of his touch with the internet world (actually the youth during elections).

Whatever the reason, Mr. Modi has become the subject for video game developers rather than just another politician, leader and PM of the country. In the times of his contestant, administration, and rule, many Narendra Modi mobile apps were released to cash in the popularity of the visionary Prime Minister.

I’ve found some interesting and best Narendra Modi games online that are free to download and play with the themes of some existing games and some new ideas. These cool games were mostly released during the 2014 elections to raise the awareness and improve the knowledge of democracy in the country while some are developed just for fun.

Top Modi Games To Play On Android 

Let’s take a look at some exciting Modi games on Android devices and the following order is not necessarily my top or best order.

1. Modi Run 3D Game


Modi Run is a 3D animated game developed by Shake Bake Games, a Chandigarh-based company for the BJP supporters. This running game looks like that of ‘Angry Granny’ when playing but, playing with Narendra Modi is quite fun on the streets of Delhi.

You would be dodging the auto-rickshaw son the road, jumping over the hurdles, breezing through the New Delhi traffic to collect the lotus flowers (symbol of BJP).

This Modi Run game was developed during 2014 elections with the central theme of promoting the BJP party and encourages them to vote for their party. This game is offered by ‘Free Games n Apps for Kids’ on Google Play Store. You can download Modi game for free from Play Store.

2. Modi Fied – Narendra Modi Dressing Game


Modi Fied is a stylish dress up game where you will be styling Mr. Modi with different clothes and accessories. This modi game was developed by Zatun, a Gujarat-based game development company before 2014 elections. The theme of Modi Fied dress up game was to support Narendra Modi in 2014 elections at the time of development.

You can dress up Narendra Modi the way you want by using the clothes and apparel from the closet. The game features more than 720 dressing combinations with accessible user interface controls. You can even change the background and save it on your computer. The saved images can be shared on the social media like Facebook and Twitter or can be sued a wallpaper on your phone.

It is one of the funniest modi games that is compatible with all the Android smartphones and needs no extra hardware of software configuration than standard settings. You can download Modi Fied – Modi Dressing Up Game for free from Play Store.

3. Modi Mario Run Game


Modi Mario Run is a game that looks like the most favorite Mario game but with Indian elections theme. The Modi will be running and collecting the lotuses at every stage and the after collecting necessary lotuses, he will be crowned as PM. This game was developed by and offered by October Breeze on Google Play and was released in the early days of 2014, i.e., before elections.

Those who love to play Mario and who are missing it, Modi Mario Run will satisfy their hunger. Though this modi run game supports BJP, the hurdles, collecting lotuses and avoiding other party symbols is truly fun playing. It is one of the best modi run games that is also available for free download on Google Play Store.

4. Modi Run Game


Modi Run is a political parody of Indian elections developed by Dexati, a mobile entertainment apps company based in California in the year 2014. It is first non-India based company to develop Narendra Modi game. The company disclaims that the game is not an official endorser of the BJP party of Mr. Modi. 

This modi game is quite different from the Modi run 3D that we have seen earlier. The whole perspective is distinct from that of a Modi Run 3D technically and conceptually. Narendra Modi will be running, jumping through the states of India and campaigning for the elections.

The game is updated in August 2015 which adds unicycle in the stages to come. Some additional steps are added with this update. You can get modi run game download for free from Google Play Store.

5. Modi Cricket T20 Game


Who doesn’t love to play cricket? Modi Cricket T20 is an enjoyable cricket game with the characters of 2014 elections. Enjoy the original saga of your favorite sport in action with the famous political stars. 

This Modi cricket game was developed by ‘iPlay Games Store’ back in 2014 during elections where you are allowed to choose your favorite Neta as a player. It is a limited over the match where you will be playing with the Neta’s face. This modi game is also available for free to download on Google Play.

Game on

Gaming with a favorite Neta characters is real fun. These Modi play apps are not only promoting BJP but also educating people and children about the elections and contestants. Download and install Modi games on your Android smartphones and enjoy playing your leader. Game on!

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