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How A Mobile App Can Improve Your Employee Engagement?

Having employees who are engaged in the company is key to the success of any company. Without engaged employees, quality of work will suffer along with productivity and efficiency.

An engaged employee is defined by Forbes as an employee with an emotional commitment to the organization and its goals.

A company with engaged employees will see a 200% increase in productivity and efficiency as well as an 18% increase in employee retention.

Why is that? High morale? How do you achieve that? Work isn’t supposed to be fun right? Well yes and no.

For the most part work actually should be fun with only a few bad moments popping up sporadically. But how do you boost morale?

Believe it or not, there is an app for that.

With recent advancements in technology, there is an app for nearly everything. Mobile apps can help to integrate new hires, improve metrics and measurements, and improve communication amongst team members.

Keep reading to learn how a mobile app can increase the engagement of your employees today!

Why Mobile App For Your Business Employees? 


#1. Integrating New Hires

Hiring new employees or bringing on new team members can be a very exciting time. But, no matter how amazing that person is he or she will still need to go through the onboarding process.

Mobile apps designed to increase employee engagement can help streamline this process. By granting the new employee access to the app you’ll be able to direct him or her to where the training documents and company orientation material is located.

An added bonus to this is the ability for the new employee to access this and any other potential resources within the company anywhere. If he or she is a remote team member this will be invaluable.

If they are a more traditional employee this can still help them to review this material at home. Allowing them to focus more on on-the-job training than reading about how to perform his or her new duties while at work.

#2. Improved Metrics

Metrics, measurements, and data are at the heart of every successful plan and strategy. Without being able to measure data probably it is nearly impossible to properly prepare for potential losses.

In today’s digital age, nearly everything can be categorized as data, measured, and analyzed. To include how engaged your employees really are.

Mobile apps that focus on engaging your employees offer the ability to measure how engaged your employees actually are. You’ll be able to tell how often they log in, the formats which appeal to them most, and how often they are checking in.

This can be invaluable when determining if a specific person needs to be re-motivated in some way, or if the team as a whole isn’t engaged.

#3. Boost Efficiency

Training guides and welcome resources are not the only types of documents that can be accessed through the app. There are many roles, groups, and permissions that can be granted depending upon how your company is structured.

However, regardless of which has a mobile app to increase your employee engagement will provide you with a way for all team members to communicate.

This means efficiency across the board will increase. Regardless if an employee is a telecommunicating or is merely out sick for the day. He or she will still have access to all the documentation and information they need for work.

They can respond to emails, messages, answer questions and even answer their work phone in some cases from anywhere in the world. This cuts down on turnaround times for projects, as well as lowers stress when waiting for a time-sensitive response.

#4. Boost Morale

Mobile apps can also help to boost the overall morale of your employees. Especially if you have an entirely remote team. Having a mobile app provides a way for employees to communicate with each other.

Not just about work, but also in a water cooler or break room type fashion. It allows your team to have the chance to bond, get to know each other and work even better together.

Engaging Your Employees

Having employees who are engaged in your company is the first step in ensuring your company is around for a long time.

Happy employees will always show how happy they are and will tell everyone they see just about. Likewise, the same is true for employees who hate their jobs.

Using the right mobile app for engaging your employees can a long way to boost morale, engagement, and efficiency. Turn your employees into engaged employees today!

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