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Transfer Music from iPhone to PC Through MobiKin Assistant For iOS

Do you have an iPhone? Then many a times you have wished for a magic wand to transfer music from your iPhone to Computer, right? You are on the right place now.

Today, I am sharing with you, a method of copying music files from your iPhone to PC. It is not much easy as you think. Because iPhone lacks the common connectivity feature, Bluetooth.

There are no in- built options in iPhone or in Computer to connect with. But using MobiKin Assistant for iOS, this Herculean task can be done easily. We can share a number of file types using this software.

Introducing MobiKin Assistant For iOS

Have you used the PC suite software for mobile at least once? In one sentence, we can define MobiKin Assistant as the PC suite for iDevices.

Usually, people use iTunes for this purpose. Yet, it is not efficient as it seems (doesn’t allow you with a two-way transferring path). This is where the need of MobiKin arises.


It is a back- up software rather than just a music transferring tool. Apart from music and video, you can copy your contacts, messages, voice memos, notes, bookmarks, photos, playlists and ringtones to PC.

MobiKin Assistant is most convenient to transfer music from iPhone to computer.

Remarkable Features of MobiKin Assistant for iOS

Check the stunning features of MobiKin assistant for iOS that you need to know!

1. Easy to Use User Interface

This is what helps you the most. MobiKin Assistant does not confuse you with a UI of numerous features.

They included the only specs that you want the most.

UI is very clean and elegant. You don’t have to dig a lot to find an option for copying a photo, music or video from your iPhone to PC.

There are chances for iTunes to be crashed. But, that will not trouble you anymore. Nonetheless, you have to install iTunes on your PC to work with MobiKin Assistant.

2. Quick Search and Filter Options

If you are a hard- core music addict who wants to hear all your songs via your home theatre of the PC, this feature will be benefited to you a lot.

Just think, you got a new song in your phone. You have already transferred all the older media files to the PC. It will be a dumb idea to manually search among thousands of files.

How can you ease this situation? Definitely, using MobiKin Assistant. It has quick and effective search feature. They have also integrated some common filter options also.

3. Different Preview Methods

Some media files have slightly altered names. That means we can’t distinguish that at once. How will you transfer one particular song with a similar name of already copied one through MobiKin Assistant from iOS?

Here, the preview options come to your rescue. There are two preview options. One is thumbnail mode and another is list mode.

4. Supports Multiple iOS Devices

I mentioned iPhone to describe all the specs because it is the popular iOS device. But it doesn’t mean that MobiKin Assistant only supports iPhone.

It supports iPhone, iPod and iPad of any generation. The transfer is only single task away.

Desktop application supports both Windows as well as Mac.

How to Transfer Music from iOS to PC?

1. Connect your iOS device with PC using a USB cable

2. Open MobiKin Assistant for iOS

3. Wait for your device to be recognized.

4. After recognition, click on Music from the left panel.

5. From the list, select the songs you want to copy.

6. Click on Export on the top bar (You can see in the above image)

7. That’s all. To see the exported folder, go to File –> Open Export Folder

System Requirements

To install this dynamic software, your computer should possess

  • The processor of your PC should be from Intel or AMD greater than 750 MHz
  • It must have at least 512 MB RAM
  • More than 1 GB HD space is also needed to install this software
  • For Windows users, OS should be higher versions from XP

Ready to Give it a Try?

I highly recommend this tool to you if you have an iOS device. It is the complete software to copy music from iPhone to PC.

Don’t hesitate. Download MobiKin Assistant for iOS now.

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