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Microsoft 70-483 Exam Made Ridiculously Easy: Master C# Programming with 70-483 Books & Exam Dumps

Why Take This Test?

If you are one that sleeps across decades, our topic for today would still interrupt your dreamland. And if you are wide awake, then you know what has been clamoring across the IT industry in surges for so many years now. One word — ‘Developers’.

With the world moving closer and closer to the tertiary and quaternary sectors, the future for programming languages keeps blinking brighter. JavaScript and C++ were fine for their time, but need to step aside for our focus of today — C#, the highest level of programming language. Because of this growing bright light, more and more are choosing to get certified. And in a big amount of variants, many specialists choose the credentials from Microsoft to become professionals in the field of web applications. Let’s explore why is it useful to become certified today, what is Microsoft Practice test, and how exam dumps can boost your preparation.

Why Get Microsoft Certified?

Since these job roles of the application building sphere are so in demand right now, especially with the popularity of smartphone apps, the possibility of independent work and the prospect of earning an average salary from $50,000 to $104,000 annually as an Application Developer (according to Payscale.com) might make this the best move for coming years. 

Many people choose Microsoft for this endeavor, because it allows the chance to get highly valued industry badges, and offers its candidates a great variety of prep materials for the exam. A renowned brand name in the eyes of employers, meaning a Microsoft credential helps you weed out a lot of potential contenders. Microsoft offers many advanced career routes for you to follow like becoming the Examsnap MCSA, MCSD, or MCSE in the chosen professional area.

Different Paths

The Microsoft 70-483 Exam (Programming in C#) is the starting point to earning the prestigious MCSA Web Applications badge. But this exam alone won’t get you certified: you’ll also have to take 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications) test as well. Also, there is an option to pass 70-480 exam (programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3) along with 70-486.

Alternatively, after 70-483 assessment, you could have opted to sit for the 70-487 assessment that checks your skills to develop web services as well as Microsoft Azure and be the holder of the expert-level badge MCSD App Builder. 

A Test for Whom?

If you’re someone with even just one year of practical hands-on experience in developing and have a profound pre-existing knowledge on areas such as working with arrays, variables and expressions; and can also deal with data validation, program flows and asynchronous programming, then you are eligible and the perfect candidate to sit for the Microsoft 70-483 Programming in C# test. Also, in the hope of it returning that average of $69k a year, you will need to register for the exam with $165 exiting in your pocket.

Syllabus Content

For 70-483 exam, you should expect questions that haven’t been covered directly in your classes or textbooks, because that’s the gap your experience is supposed to bridge. These questions can incorporate a plethora of topics that cover four main themes:

  1. The ‘Program Flows’ domain includes using PLINQ, statements, delegates and knowing how the exceptions like SQL work. You’ll also need to be familiar with multithreading.
  2. The ‘Types’, include creating structs and enums, converting between values, enforcing capsulation, and class hierarchies. By making use of CodeDom you’ll also have to create code at runtime. You will be taught how to use statements to manage IDisposable and use StringBuilder to tweak strings.
  3. The ‘Debugging Applications’ domain involves validating of JSON data and the knowledge of data collection types. You’ll need to perform an appropriate encryption algorithm, maintain program database files and debug symbols.
  4. For the ‘Implementing data access’, you’ll have to retrieve data with the help of web services, making use of the Systems.Net namespace to read or write streams, manipulate objects by using LINQ, serialize and deserialize data, and finally store and retrieve data from the collections like arrays and lists.

Books to Use

With a variety of question types, including case studies, how will you complete 40-60 questions just in 2 hours successfully? For this feat, only the best resources are allowed in your study circle. Let’s start with helpful books one can make use of:

1) The official Microsoft endorsed book ‘Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C#’ written by Wouter De Kort. The book covers all the syllabus content for the test and its ‘strategic, what-if scenarios’ somewhat compensate for practicality. You’ll need to make good judgments working with advanced assessments like this, so the book focuses on critical thinking.

2) ‘MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#’ by Tiberiu Covaci. This Prep Guide will put your understanding of C# programming to the test via quizzes. Also, lab tutorials are offered to encourage you to practice what you learn as they walk you over the syllabus.

3) Lastly ‘Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well’ by Jamie Chan. This best seller is only a short 158-page book but covers the Microsoft syllabus in a concise easy way. It allows for the application of all that you’ve learnt at the very end of the book. Awesome book for those that know other programming languages but are just starting out in C#.

Pro Tip & Tricks

Programming, like many other things, is a skill. And like any skill, the more you actually do it, the better you get. Passively watching programming videos would be of little help if you do not incorporate those daily by designing something for yourself. Then, what is the best way to practice?

Exam Dumps — Effective Way to Nail Your Exam

Reading books is great. But they paint only a remote picture of what you’d expect to find in an exam scenario. So for your actual test preparation, the best thing you could do is to use exam dumps. And as long as it is necessary to find a demanded resource of the dumps we recommend you to choose ExamSnap.

This popular online platform offers you access to many 70-483 dumps you can take for free. Also, you may buy a premium file verified by IT experts just for $29,99. Another premium option is a preparation bundle of the dumps, a training course, and a study guide at a total cost of $39,97. ExamSnap offers these files in vce format, so the software you’ll need is the VCE Exam Simulator. With this program and materials, you will explore the actual exam questions with answers, get used to a timer mode and other details that simulate the test environment. Thus, you can see how well you’d fair if this was really an exam day. People constantly speak of scoring well using these, and we’re sure you will too. 

What’s the Hold-Up?

The time for working as a developer has never been riper. Don’t miss out. Earning this MCSA Web Applications credential is an essential mark on your CV list and for your future career. Pass 70-483 exam and make your way towards certification of the higher level- MCSD. And through using valid exam dumps it is for sure possible!

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