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Math Homework as a Brain Trainer

There has been an ongoing debate on the importance of homework for ages as this word evokes negative meanings to everyone involved including students, teachers, and parents. While some believe that college homework causes a lot of stress to students, other believe that it has great benefits for children as it encourages them to think independently inside and outside of the classroom. According to a study done by Cooper on homework studies, since 1962, there have been about twenty studies that compared the achievements of students who were given homework and those of students who did not. The results show that fourteen of the studies showed doing homework is beneficial, while six did not. This may be an indication that homework is important for students.

Math homework, for instance, forces the brain to come up with new ideas and solution. Just like the body, the brain needs training. You need to develop skills such as memory, attention, logic and quick thinking which are important for the brain. These skills will help you do your homework smoothly. Many students ask, who can do my homework. If you find it hard to complete your homework, you can seek an efficient homework helper such as https://homeworkhelpdesk.org/math/algebra/ to do it for you.

Here is how homework can help sharpen your mind and become successful in school work.

  • It’s a valuable part of learning

Homework teaches a student important problem-solving skills that they will need to apply in future especially in prioritizing work and time management. It also instills a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in students. When students engage in math homework, they will be able to develop time management skills where they allocate time for leisure activities and completing their homework.  They will know how to refrain themselves from playing until they are through with their homework and at the same time understand the need to finish homework in time.

  • It helps to identify the student weaknesses

Giving homework is a good way to identify the student weaknesses in certain topics. When the teacher gives math homework, they are able to know the areas where the student doesn’t perform well and give them a chance to improve and acquire new skills. If there is no homework, teachers would base the ability of the student on tests alone, which is not reliable at times.

For teachers who teach mathematics, it is important to plan their lessons based on the student’s abilities. This way the student will be able to learn more effectively. But teachers should not give too much of it to a point of overloading the student. This may force the student to look for online homework help to get their work done.

  • It’s an effective way to master knowledge and skills

When students solve a lot of problems in mathematics, they become good at it. But to achieve this, they must practice a lot. Apart from the time allocated for the student to learn in class, they can continue their learning even at home to practice what they have learned. Parents should give their children time to practice what they are taught in school. They can also offer math homework help when they get stuck. Homework given to students in school allows them to master their subject and understand what they are taught by their teachers.

  • Prepares students for bigger tasks and challenges

Homework helps the teacher to know if the student really understands what they are taught in class. When a student performs poorly in an assignment, the teacher will see it and teach them the necessary steps to follow to do well on the next test. This is a good strategy in homework help math.

The teacher can also give the students a problem to solve then after checking, they can do it together as a class. This will allows the student to understand how to approach the next task and also give them an opportunity to practice until they become perfect in what they are doing.

  • Prepares student for the real world after school

When students are given homework, they learn to be responsible, analyze, solve problems, and manage their time to help them deal with the problem. These skills that are taught in school will also be useful to them when they start being independent individuals in the workforce. Homework can help them practice and equip them with the necessary skills to become successful in the real world.


So, homework is beneficial to students as it can determine their learning and even their future. Math homework, for instance, is important in learning the necessary skills in solving different problems. But it should not be too much to drain the student’s mind. It is important to give homework based on the student’s level of learning.

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