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Manipulating PDF Documents – Editing, Merging, Reordering, Splitting & Signing

When it comes to PDF files, there are usually two types of users.

The first one is the one where people just use the format and don’t know a whole lot about it and what it can do aside from the obvious, and the second one is formed by people that do know these things.

Unfortunately for the first category, there are often situations where they need to be able to edit a PDF file and make it appropriate for specific situations.

You can manipulate the contents of PDF files by merging, reordering, splitting or even signing PDF files so that they suit their needs or the needs of the company they work for.

But what do you do when you don’t know how to do that? Well, it’s quite simple. The answer is: you learn. So let’s take a look at these processes and how they are done.


How To Edit A PDF File

Editing is the process of selecting and preparing it in the written format to convey the information. You can edit the PDF files through the Adobe Acrobat and through several as well. 

But, some people feel that it is an expensive way! If you too feel the same, then you may convert PDF to Word using the software, AnyBizSoft. It never modifies the original text, pictures, and layouts. 

How To Merge A PDF File

Merging is nothing but combining or uniting into a single entity. This one has to be the easiest one of all as it’s just a matter of putting multiple files together and making them stick.

There are different tools that can be downloaded and installed on this one. After a solution has been found, the next step is to look for the option that allows for merging or extracting documents. There, most tools will give the option of adding multiple PDF files to the mix.

Once all PDFs in question are added, one must only click the appropriate button to have them all merged into one big file.

How To Reorder A PDF File

Reordering is nothing but straightening or putting it into an order. Reordering a PDF file is done in the same manner as the merging. In fact, it’s a feature that can be easily found aboard merging software or plugins.

Similar to merging, it doesn’t require a whole lot to be done, and it’s also time efficient. Those that need to reorder certain pages within a PDF document can easily do so through a plugin, so it’s all about finding the right one.

How To Split A PDF File

Splitting allows you to split the pages of any PDF document no matter what file size or length will be. You can upload the PDF file either by drag and drop by selecting it from your corresponding device. Whether you split a PDF through software or a plugin or you split PDF online.

The process is easy and not at all complicated. Once the appropriate tool has been assigned for the job, one must simply add the necessary PDF file and then start splitting. A PDF file can be split into different pages or entire segments such as having pages 3-8 split from the rest of the document.

That means that a new document will feature just the pages 3 through 8. This can be repeated any number of times so that the user can create multiple PDFs out of only one. It all depends on what exactly is needed and how many splits are required.

How To Sign A PDF File

Whenever you want to sign the PDF file, first of all, you want to open the PDF file which you need to sign in the preview. The toolbox icon and the signature icon appears on the screen. By clicking both the icons, you can proceed by clicking on create a signature.

You can start the process by clicking begin option where you have to draw the respective signature in the trackpad. A trackpad is a pointing device where you can translate the motion and the position of the user’s fingers to the relative position of the operating system where the output can be made.

Finally, by clicking on the signature created, you can insert it into the PDF document.

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