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Make Skype Calls Directly From Outlook.com

The web mail service from Microsoft  Outlook.com rolls out a preview version of Skype, which will let you, make Skype calls directly from outlook.com. The Skype in Outlook feature will start rolling out in the United Kingdom and within a week will be enabled in Germany and United States too.

According to the Skype team the feature will bring two great communication systems together, thus making the platform the best way for communication.  Hence, within months, audio and video chatting driven by Skype will be there in the inbox of each and every Outlook.com user.

Skype in Outlook inbok

The feature facilitates less texting and more talking, right from the inbox you can make both video and audio calls, even with the preview version. On February 2013, Outlook.com was declared as the official and free email service from Microsoft and also as a replacement for Hotmail, even though it was released on July 2012 and within the first six months counting from July 2012, Outlook.com obtained 60 million freshers.

And as you all know, texting is always limited, conveying something head to head will always be more effective than texting. This made the Microsoft team think of integrating both outlook and Skype, so as to have a better and effective communication. Now it’s possible to connect your Skype and Messenger friends, all in one place whatever be the medium, email, call, video or IM.

How to get Skype in Outlook.com Inbox?

To enjoy the preview version of Skype to use with Outlook.com you will have to download a plugin for the browser you use. The plugin is available for the latest versions of all popular browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox.

After downloading connect your Skype to Outlook.com with your Microsoft account, where existing Skype users will be prompted to link Skype and Outlook.com.

The process will add your complete Skype contacts to the contact list of Outlook.com.

How to Use Skype in Outlook.com?

Login to your Outlook.com account and you will see Skype audio and video call buttons in your IM conversation. If you need to start chatting with a friend while going through his mail, move the mouse to the picture of friend and click on the Audio or video call buttons which will appear above the contact details.

Another method by which you can use the Skype is by Clicking on the messaging icon located at the right end of Outlook.com windows and select the person, you like to call and then click on the audio or video icons from the right messaging pane.

In addition the feature is also available for the online version of Microsoft’s People app and hence will automatically import your Skype contacts. In the case of Messenger contacts, the person should migrate from Messenger to Skype in order to have a video or voice call with his Outlook.com or Skype friends.

As we said above the, the feature has already rolled out in United Kingdom and within weeks will be available in Germany and United States, with worldwide availability this summer.  So Outllok.com and Skype friends are now reachable in the same place, creating a better and great communication field.

Thus Skype calling from Outlook.com looks be a great game changer in the email arena. Checkout the below video by NewsyTech that gives a peek into the Skype integration with Microsoft Outlook.com.

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  1. This is a good news for Outlook users.

  2. Outlook grabbed millions of online users who also use Skype, now now they no need to open new window to use Skype. Thanks to the post.

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