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How To Make Money Online With Your Writing Skills?

No matter what grades you have and what course you opt for. There is no better feeling earning money online from doing what you love in most of your time.

“Chose a job that you love and you never have to look for a vacation or a break.”

So, what if writing is your second nature?

Congratulations, you have one of the most profitable and versatile skill especially if you’re looking to work individually.

5 Ways To Earn As a Web Writer

There are multiple ways to make money online with your writing skills like article writing, blogging, ghostwriting, travel writing, academic writing, etc.


Academic Writing

There are online websites like writingdone.com where you can get your Academic writing done at affordable rates. So, if you have command over the language, you can also offer similar service and make money.

Do you know what a dissertation or college essay is supposed to look like? If not, then trust me you’re not alone there are many students who are clueless about how to write essay or papers accurately.

Getting good grades in the essay, white paper, and dissertation is a huge concern among students; they come to professional writers to get it done which is known as academic writing.

It is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Write academic papers online and make money by doing what you love at the comfort of your home.


Blogging is a buzzword nowadays! Do you know every single minute 1400 new blog posts are published by blog writers?

In an online world, there is a staggering amount of content that is written, edited, proofread on multiple social media platforms. Who does that all?

Writers like you and me. It goes without saying that blogging is a great way to make money through writing online.
Bloggers simply write about what is most searched in queries so that you can add value to your reader’s life.

Some people do blogging for fun, some for writing and sharing their thought process; some do it professionally for making money from blogging. So that you know making money from blogging is not an overnight process.

To make a consistent income one can start writing academic papers online and start blogging as well. Life is all about making sane choices. I started my online career with academic writing only.


You don’t see too many options when it comes to ghostwriting. But there are lots of people who have a lot to say but have no writing skills. There comes ghost writer into the picture.

Academic writing services are one of the same things you write for someone who cannot put their thoughts on paper.

Newspaper and Magazines

You can also reach out the local newspaper or magazine of your locality, and by pitching them through query letter, you can earn a byline in their magazine. It is great for exposure and a good way to get more work online.

The best thing about working online is you can mix and match what you need to work on. You can go about academic writing, blogging, ghost writing all at once.

Write a Novel/Story

Writing a novel or a story is one of the most classic traditional ways to launch one as a credible writer. If your imagination can take you places and you enjoy such spaces then no wonder you could be next J.K Rowling’s or Paulo Coelho.

Everyone starts from somewhere. I am not saying you’ll reach the zenith in your first draft. In my writing career, I have done it all. I started with academic writing online, then few ghostwriting assignments, I am a full-time blogger, and writing my first romance fiction.


There are many ways to make money online through writing; you just have to pick one start your journey. Now you tell, which method would you like to prefer for earning as a writer?  

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