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Pros & Cons Of Buying Macbook Keyboard Skin

Buying accessories for your laptops have been pretty common to get more additional benefits. Mentioning few, external mouse, mouse pad, keyboard or headset etc. but keyboard protectors? Yes!

It might not be famous among average laptop users, but especially with rich peeps who buy Mac laptops, keyboard skin is one of the main Mac accessories to keep the machine productive and safe. 

The reason might be various, like, trying to keep it new as possible or to protect it with some extra care by spending extra bucks on the device.

However, Does it really a matter of thing to use the Mac keyboard cover?

In this post, I will try to acknowledge you with pros and cons of using a protector on your Mac keyboard in the best way possible.

First, let’s have a look at its pros!

Benefits of Using Mac Keyboard Cover

macbook keyboard skin


Most of the times, a Keyboard protector is made from rubber or plastic kind of material.

One of the main reasons why people use keyboard covers is to avoid damaging internal components of the MAC laptop by spilling water or drink by chance or maybe spilling coffee, in case you’re also addicted to caffeine like me.

Besides, most of us watch Game of Thrones with full of excitement while eating food or having a snack in front of the laptop, so, there are many chances that we might drop a small piece Dorito on the keypad which gets trapped between gaps of keys.

Hence, buying a 10$ keyboard protector for your $1000 MAC is not at all waste of money.

Because, we all know the gaps between the keys are so tiny and removing the dirt or food from it, would be a huge challenge for us. Few people use the hot air blower to remove dirt from keyboards, but it is an utterly bad idea.

Those are the people who really need some serious medications, they even can’t realize that electric components get damaged by hot air.

Blowing hot air on electric components or internal circuits has high chances of risking your device to death, if you are unlucky enough, all your Mac data might get deleted as well and never could be able to regain it, unless you have the backup on the cloud server or external storage device.

It is not just about spilling coffee over the keyboard, but using keyboard skin can also increase your productivity and add more benefits for your work life by making it easier.

You wonder how? – It’s because few keyboard protectors not just protecting you from dirt or drinks, but also come with printed shortcut keys with the color code.

For example, have a look at below image. Keyboard covers like this will feature all shortcuts of certain programs or software. They come in with the wide variety of program’s shortcuts, including major editing and design software applications like Photoshop, Logic Pro X, Illustrator or Lightroom.

You can swap related keyboard covers whenever you are using such programs. It will definitely help you save time and makes your work faster as you don’t need to remember all keyboard shortcuts at all.But wait; there are few cons of having Keyboard protector as well.

Limitations Of Using Macbook Keyboard Skin

The keys kind feels stuck and you need to hit it with a little more energy. Generally, Mac’s Chiclet keyboards are responsive and smooth AF!

By using the Macbook keyboard skin, it will put a full stop to all the crispness and feel of the keyboard and you might face some lag in your typing speed as well, on parallel to missed keystrokes which end up ruining your quality of writing.

One more main drawback of having keyboard protector for Mac is, eventually because of closing and opening the lid on everyday usage, it will lead to leaving marks of rubber on the MacBook display.

And few of these marks look really ugly and also leaves a small layer of rubber which is so tiny that are difficult to notice, but those rubber layers will gradually trap dust from the environment and make the condition even much worse.

So you should consider these scenarios before buying a Mac keyboard protector!

BTW, here is a quick reminder, you might have been hearing from other guys that, using covers will block gaps between keys which results in overheating.

But, dear readers, please don’t listen to those words, no laptops in this world will breathe through those tiny gaps between keys on the keyboard.

Every laptop, whether it may be windows or Macintosh, has vents either on the hinge in the backside or on both sides of the laptop.

Then, Which One To Choose?

Well, here comes buying the part, it is essential to do some research about the Mac keyboard skin that you are buying.

You have to make sure that you are not getting a cheap shit with low-quality rubber that loses its color after a few days. Also, don’t go for thick rubber pads, choose Apple Mac keyboard cover as thin as possible.

Nowadays, MacBook keyboard cover comes in various color schemes, from simple plain or shaded blue or pink colored keyboard protector to eye-killing rainbow colors, so choose wisely which suits your setup the best.


Macbook is an awesome device for great productivity! If you are a professional, then you should have this gadget to enhance your computing skills. 

I have listed all the pros and cons of using the MacBook keyboard protector that I know!

Well, you might feel afraid of seeing cons, but as much as I know, there is no need to fear of those points if you are using a thin Mac Laptop keyboard cover with good ratings. Just get it and keep your machine safe.

Now you tell! Are you using the Mac keyboard cover? If no, would you like to get one? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

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