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LEO Privacy Guard – Good Privacy Companion

Many of us are having our whole lives and all our private information somewhere on our mobile phones, security and privacy are very useful. LEO Privacy Guard is a security app loaded with features that try to keep the information you have safe and away from anybody trying to find it.

You can lock apps, hide contacts and messages, and then give your phone a boost in performance if it really needs it. The question that still exists is, how correctly does it function?

The Setup of LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard installation is relatively easy. As soon as you open the app, you will be given a couple of splash screens that review the primary features in the app, and you are requested to set a password so that you alone can access and make adjustments within the app.

It then defaults to a pattern password. However, you can even change it to a PIN code in case you prefer. If you forget your password, you will be required to fill a security question so you can gain access again.

Usage of LEO Privacy Guard

The usage is free, and firstly you will see the little aliens which hide at the sides of the screen. When you click them, it opens a page known as “APP JOY” which gives you a grid of sponsored apps for installation. These are mainly the only ads you will notice in the app apart from some banner adverts at the bottom, and on the most area, the ads are unobtrusive.


The general design of Review LEO Privacy Guard is fairly cartoonish. Some people may like this while others might not, and I fall into the latter group. It is not bad; however I find it a bit childlike for an app structured around security.

LEO Privacy Guard App Features

The primary characteristic of the app is App Lock that permits you to protect any apps you want behind same password you set at first. Inserting an app behind a password is pretty easy. When you tap or click on App Lock, choose the apps you want to protect, and you are through.

Whenever you open an app which is protected, you are expected to meet a splash screen that asks you to enter a password. Sadly, I experienced a considerable delay between opening the app as well as having the password screen show up. For a full three seconds, you will notice all the stuff in the app you opened before getting prompted to insert a password.

There is an area in the app named “Protection” that seems like it will tell you if your phone is prone to a security risk. What it does is to let you know if you have used all of the LEO Security Guard’s features. Therefore, if you haven’t hidden pictures, apps, contacts and messages you will get a protection “alert” in the app.

Another feature is known as “App Cover” tries to add a bit more security the apps you protected with a password. You can select to have an error message; a fake phone call happen, and some other screens pop up whenever you open a protected app.

Highlights of LEO Privacy Guard

1. It locks your every app, and you may customize your app lock screen with cool themes.

2. You can hide some personal multi-media files in a safe box.

3. Your network is substantially protected with Wi-Fi security scan.

4. If you lost your phone, you never need to get worried! Yes, you can locate your gadget on the map without logging into a particular website.

5. Out of all, it is more dedicated in preventing the misleading ads and downloads.

New Features

  • Enhanced interface and optimized program for better user experience.
  • Screensaver charging is available to boost the battery health.
  • Advanced data security through the blacklisted number list encryption.

Final Words

We carry a lot of private and sensitive data on our smartphone, and thus, we need to protect them. You don’t need to bother hereafter as LEO Privacy Guard is to your rescue.

Yes! It is an excellent app that keeps your private phone data safe at any cost. This app locker is designed with significant functionality to ensure your privacy is being maintained at top priority.

Even though you could find a lot of apps to lock your confidential data, you would need to install another app to boost the performance of your phone. However, LEO privacy guard offers both the features that would occupy only a less memory space of your smartphone.

So, if you have been fed up with slow processing and privacy issue with your mobile devices, you may consider installing the exclusive app lock, LEO Privacy Guard to enhance the performance and protection level of your mobile gadgets.

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