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Why Should You Switch Over to LED Lighting?

There are many reasons why LED lights have gained widespread acceptance in the residential and commercial sectors.

The technology stands out for its exceptional energy efficiency, providing unmatched cost savings to homeowners and business owners.

It is not just efficiency that makes it an ideal indoor lighting solution. LED lights are also reliable and longer-lasting.

There are many more reasons why everyone is switching over to this technology.

7 Benefits Of Using LED Lights


1. Energy Efficient

LED lights are highly energy efficient. In fact, they consume almost 50% the lesser amount of electricity compared to the second most efficient lighting technology, fluorescent lights.

If you have areas in your home or business where lighting is required for several hours, there is no reason for choosing any other lighting system.

2. Lasts Much Longer

Most people think that energy efficiency is the biggest reason for switching over to LED lights. In fact, its lifespan is another big reason for choosing these lights.

An average LED light can last for over 50,000 hours. In fact, some of these lights can last even double the number of operating hours. This is dozens of times longer than the incandescent light and up to 4 times that of fluorescent lights.

You can install the lights and forget them for years, if not a decade. This means no frequent lamp replacements and increased cost savings.

3. Highly Durable

LEDs are longer lasting, not just because of the technology they consist of, but also because of the way they are built. Unlike other traditional lighting systems, they don’t have glass structures or filaments.

LED lamps are immune to vibrations and resistant to breakage of impacts. The circuit board and soldered leads are only as likely to get damaged on impact as small electronics and cell phones.

4. Cold Temperature Performance

Imagine meeting your lighting requirements in extremely cold conditions during the winter months. LED lights’ performance increases as temperatures drop.

On the other hand, fluorescent lamps require a higher voltage to maintain luminous flux (light intensity). This is why LEDs make far better options for refrigerated display cases and outdoor areas in cold conditions.

5. Directional Light

Another advantage of installing LEDs in and around your buildings is that the light is aimed at a specific direction. Traditional lighting emits light and heat in all the directions.

LEDs are however mounted on a flat surface. This causes light to be emitted directly to the front. The result is the reduction in wastage of light. Thus, you can install LEDs based on the areas that you want to be illuminated.

6. Control Illumination

Dimmable conventional lighting systems can cost a lot. On the other hand, LED lights are semiconductor devices and the illumination can be controlled as per your needs.

While fluorescent lamps can be dimmed only to about 30% of their full capacity, LEDs can be dimmed up to 10%. Besides, the dimming is continuous and smooth from 100% to 10%.

7. Emits No UV Radiations

Another reason for switching to LED lights is that they don’t emit ultraviolet or infra-red radiations. On the other hand, incandescent lights convert only around 10% of energy into visible light.

Most of the energy is converted into IR radiations or heat. On the other hand, LEDs release almost zero UV and IR radiations. Thus, LED lights are not just efficient and longer-lasting, they are also safer. They don’t expose you to harmful radiations.

Wrapping Up

Thus, there are many advantages of switching over to LED lights. Whether it’s in your home or business place, the lighting technology offers several benefits.

It is energy efficient, saves costs, lasts longer, prevents exposure to UV and IR rays, is controllable, and offers many other benefits.

So, what else needed to make the place brighter? Do you have any thoughts to share? 

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