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Leaked Features of Windows Blue

On the 24th of last March, the torrent and file sharing sites amazed the torrent freaks with an ISO file of size 2.6 GB with the title Windows Build 9364 which is the major update to Windows 8 and was codenamed Windows blue; the flash news went viral across the web in minutes. This build is the first to be leaked after the launch of Windows 8 and the file contained only the 32 bit version. So let’s have a peek to the features of Windows blue.

Windows Blue

Features of Windows Blue

Half Screen Snapping

The multitasking feature of Windows 8 is unique from that of Android and iOS, it allows users to snap an app to the side of screen while others apps run besides it. This snapping feature will cover 75 percentage of the screen for the app being snapped and 25 percentages for rest of the apps. But in the leaked version the ratio for screen allocation of apps is 1:1 i.e., 50/50 giving equal importance for both the apps. You can always go back to the old ratio, if the new one doesn’t suit you.

Effortless Screenshot sharing

As you already know the days of pressing Print Screen key and pasting it in an image editor is gone, with the arrival of Windows 8.  In windows 8 Blue, capturing desktops is made much easier as you can capture the screen directly from the Share menu. Thus, sharing your screenshots is made akin to the Androids sharing function.

Internet Explorer 11

While going through the Windows Blue update we will have a doubt whether Microsoft is too fast in bringing out the latest version of IE. With the launch of Windows 8, the Internet Explorer’s latest version IE 10 too had taken birth. But the Windows blue update indicates that IE is going to have a newer version that is Internet Explorer 11. IE 10 were introduced with new features like synced bookmarks and history to Microsoft’s browser and in IE 11, the synced tabs is something that seems new, even though it’s inactive as of now.

Movie Moments

Movie Moments is an alternative for Windows Live Movie Maker. Like Windows Movie maker, movie moments enable users to make captions and background music for their videos. It will also let you splice and arrange scenes, and on completion we can save the movie to our library. On the other hand, the app lacks option to specify the video quality and so the format of exported files is not yet known.

New Settings

Windows Blue is really an advanced version of Windows 8, it has got surplus settings and options which will give advanced control over the OS functionality than ever before. These settings can be seen in the PC settings screen and they are mainly for apps, lock Screen and Network. Using the apps settings we can specify default apps for each action of Windows Blue. Customization of Windows Blue can be done with the Home and Lock Screen settings and the Network options can be used to make connectivity alterations and to configure VPN settings.

Advanced SkyDrive Options

With the release of Windows 8 Blue update, using SkyDrive will become an effortless act for users. SkyDrive, the cloud storage by Microsoft has its own tab in this new version. We can suppose that Windows Blue is aiming to connect our system settings and files with the SkyDrive. This can be sure because, there is an option in it which will allow our OS settings and app data to be backed to SkyDrive like what happens with iOS devices and iCloud storage.

What more to expect? Windows Blue will surely take Windows 8 to its peak of merits. But it’s unfortunate that the update was leaked, let’s hope Microsoft will do more changes and we should expect an excellent launch of Windows Blue version with many better ones than these leaked features of Windows blue. There are speculations that this Windows version could be name Windows 8.1 and not Windows Blue. Its for time to reveal. Lets be patient until then.

What feature are you expecting to be present in Windows Blue?

Let me know through the comments box. Lets see if Microsoft passes by to listen to our voice.  😉

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