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GetResponse Vs Unbounce – Comparison Of Landing Page Tools

If you are a budding digital marketer, then I am sure you might have started using an email marketing tool like GetResponse for sure. But the email marketing campaigns don’t work automatically. You need to invest a lot of efforts and tricks in creating a good landing page to get the most targeted email list to promote your product/service. Am I right?

Creating a productive landing page is an easy task. It requires a lot of research and analysis along with a good landing page creator tool. Some tools come with premade templates that you can choose & use and few other tools support lead generating features. You can combine these landing page tools with Autoresponders to get the best results.

In this post, we are going to look at two of the best services that provide landing page creation tools, GetResponse and Unbounce. Before comparing the tools, let us tell you what exactly a landing page is!

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page can be defined as a page where visitors land on a website and this specific page is designed to promote the product/service by providing some beneficial data like the attention-grabbing headline, crisp intro, offers and call to action.

If you create a simple, streamlined page, then it is more likely to maximize your return on investment for your every customer. Just you need to nudge your visitors to focus on specific thing through that special page.

GetResponse Or Unbounce, Which Is best Landing Page Tool?


GetResponse is well-known for the amazing Autoresponder 2.0 service that they provide. Autoresponders are great for creating a good email list. They are used for automating the emails to people in the email list. GetResponse provides a great landing page tool with which you can use to create best landing pages for your site audience.


100+ premade default templates: With the GetResponse landing page builder, you get more than 100 premade templates that anyone can use or edit as per their requirements. All these templates are 100% responsive, and they look and work great on mobiles devices like smartphones or tablets.

Web forms integration: GetResponse provides some really good looking and functional web forms that you can use on your landing page to get leads from the visitors of the landing page. 

Efficient Drag & Drop Builder: The drag and drop builder that comes with GetResponse can be used to create landing pages without any coding knowledge and thus even a newbie can create the best landing pages to get the most out of visitors.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is good for checking which landing page works the best for your target audience. By testing the different landing pages in A/B testing, you can check which one works the best. You can perform split tests with GetResponse landing page creator.


Google Analytics integration: Tracking how well you the landing page you created is working becomes easy with the integration of Google Analytics in these pages as you will be able to analyze the conversion rates, unique views, and other valuable information.

Other Impressive Features: The users can add payment buttons to activate the shopping choices, and they can publish the pages automatically to Facebook. Viewing and comparing details at one place is also a notable feature of GetResponse.


Unbounce is known for the landing page tool that it provides, and it has been built by keeping landing pages in mind. With features like premade templates etc. you can have a landing page up and running in no time. Unbounce does not come with an inbuilt Autoresponder and hence you have to use a different Autoresponder service to make it fully functional.


Check the features of Unbounce landing page creator!

Various landing page templates: You have different options when it comes to landing page template that are provided by default from Unbounce. All these templates work well with WordPress as well.

Drag and Drop Builder: The landing page builder provided by Unbounce is a great builder that even newbie can use in order to create some of the best landing pages. All you need to do is drag and drop suitable elements to create a good landing page with Unbounce landing page tool.

Multi-user features: You can have different users in a single account which will help you in distributing the work if you are working with virtual assistants. You have options to set different permissions for each user.

Split testing: You can perform different testing using different versions of landing pages to see which one works the best.

Client management: If you have different clients then managing them with one single Unbounce account is very easy.

CSS3 & HTML support: You can edit the landing page code to create a variation that is suitable for you.

Works with 3rd party Autoresponders: Unbounce landing pages work with different Autoresponders like Aweber, ConstactContact and many others.

Pricing plan: Have a look at the image to know the pricing plans of Unbounce.



Both GetResponse and Unbounce provide a great landing page tool that anyone can use to create the best landing pages to get the best results.

But GetResponse has the landing page option just as an extra feature that compliments their existing Autoresponders service.

Unbounce, on the other hand, is an excellent landing page creation tool whose main focus is on creating good landing pages. If you want an Autoresponder integrated with Unbounce, you have to use a different Autoresponder service which is an extra cost.

If you’re novice marketer and wish to have a simple but effective landing page creating tool, you may give GetResponse landing page creator a try.

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