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Kim Kardashian is endorsing new app

Kim Kardarshianis a Hollywood celeb, who often endorse many products like perfume, debit card and butt-toning sneakers. Now she is introducing to audience her new app named ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” which is likely to be popular in no time as other celebrities try to imitate her.

This week the game was the second famous downloaded free app in the iTunes. This is the catchy ad and cut of the profits at $85 million. NBC news has reported that many celebrities are not involved into this.


This app is eco-friendly and it does not have to make a game from scratch. It also sprinkles the game already you have named ‘Stardom: Hollywood’.

Mrs. Kardashian is a woman who always involve in development process and she loves to take care of every single aspect. She is so rocking that she can deliver nice feedback in bulk, according to the NBC News statement.

The stuff likes outfits, accessories, and hairstyle, which can be taken from ‘K’ stars. Only money can purchased such stuff. Just one click can make people to spend upto$100 and $175,000 in the and also it is providing a good stream for the Kardashian.


If you invest your money on app, the price is sunk which is said by Kalb. You can create one for less than it consumes to make an advertisement.  Similarly, producing an app seems to be a useless stuff for other celebrities. Celebrity like Meryl Streep is not producing a game because it creates points by posing for a headshot.

Various celebrities’ likes to endorse or advertise their product through website and app to stay connected with their viewers without showing their presence. They generally go to the ‘Goop’ route like Gwyneth Paltrow, for doing the same. They can also be acknowledged as a skilled on a particular topic, assume Jay leno with cars, they could sponsored an app which their fans likely to find it more user-friendly.

Kim is the only celebrity who comes forward to promote apps and also indulge herself in various project with her appearance without hesitation which is for many celebrity is not feasible.

Still I can say there are more celebrities come forward to promote apps.TV star as if Kardashian is promoting herself infact through the app advertisement. Kardashian has involved herself in various projects to make herself more popular and visible among the people. Her presence in the app promotion makes the product more visible and desirable.

After Kim Kardarshian app, there is a prediction that you will be seeing doing many more stars app for example Brad Pitt app and Meryl Streep.

Kim is a role model for many due to her involvement in various stuff like endorsing products and other many more stuffs she is handling. TV commercials are not many celebs choice but it will be likely to be their choice in near future due to the demand of the endorsement. It gives more name and fame to celebrity.


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