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Why Your Child Needs To Start Early For JEE Preparation

Engineering is one of the most opted fields of study in India. Every year, lakhs of students appear in the JEE exam to secure a seat in the top engineering colleges. Students need to be well-prepared to crack the JEE – one of the most competitive exams. The syllabus is vast, and students who start preparing for JEE in class 11thfeel the dearth of time.

If your child shows an interest in science and mathematics, it is a good idea to get them started with their engineering preparation as early as possible. IITs remain as the best institutes to study engineering. Having a good JEE score improves the chances of securing a seat in these prestigious institutions.

Class 8th is perhaps the best time for your child to start their JEE preparation. It helps students to build strong fundamentals that aid them immensely when they are in class 11th and 12th. Joining a coaching institute in class 8 is recommended as students get the right exposure required for competitive exams.

Some institutes like Aakash conduct scholarship exams for class 8 online where your child can win up to 100% scholarship to fund their JEE preparation. Coaching classes focus specifically on conditioning students to take on exams like JEE by acquainting them with the competitive environment.

Here are some convincing reasons why your child needs to start early for JEE preparation.

1. Your Child Will Be More Serious

When your child begins with JEE preparation as early as in class 8, they will be more serious about studies when they reach class 12. Since they will already be in that competitive state of mind for five years, they will have the required focus to crack the JEE exam.

If your child has already thought of studying science, you should motivate them to appear in scholarship exams for class 8. They will study for their future, instead of wasting their time sitting idle. It will make them serious about their goals, and they will thrive to do better. It is the perfect time to mold them for their future good.

2. Ahead Of The Competition

There is no doubt at all that students who start early will have an incredible advantage over their peers. It will keep them far ahead of the competition because they will know the syllabus well and have the mindset to solve questions at a fast pace.

Students will also learn important tips and tricks that is required when one is racing against the clock during the JEE exam. Not only this, students will be far more acquainted with the examination pattern. When their peers start with the preparation in 11th standard, your child will be miles ahead of them.

3. They Will Face Less Pressure

A student in class 8this far less pressurized than the ones in class 11th. Both at home and school, 8th class students have less to do – making it an ideal time to start channelizing it to their JEE preparation. Students only get serious about studies in 10thclass because of board exams.

It is a trend that has surfaced since a decade now and leads to students wasting their time till they are in class 10th. Instead of this, parents should motivate their kids in strengthening their JEE preparation. By the time your child is in class 11th, he/she will already be in the state to prepare far better for JEE without facing any pressure.

The syllabus of class 11th and 12th is vast, and it is hence recommended to start as early as possible. Your child will go through the preparation phase easily if they join a coaching institute right in class 8th.

4. They Will Have More Time

It is a shared belief among students that two years are not enough to prepare for competitive exams like JEE. Even though it is possible, it does come with added stress and pressure. The syllabus itself is vast to be covered in two years.

When your child joins a coaching institute in class 8th, they will have five dedicated years to prepare for JEE. Moreover, scholarship exams for class 8 online can offer up to 100% scholarship to study for all these years.

It results in strong fundamentals and a child who has the state of mind to crack JEE. They get more time to learn, revise and be better at studies.

Engineering is the preferred career option for students who have a knack for science and mathematics. If your child has an active interest in these subjects, it is necessary that you channelize their interest and give it a more solid direction.

Sit and discuss their future and motivate them to study for JEE. Getting into IITs is a dream of every engineering aspirant, and the sooner they realize it, the better they will prepare. Make sure your child joins a coaching institute like Aakash that offers one of the best scholarship exams for class 8 online.

Your child can win up to 100% scholarship and fund their studies by themselves.

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