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Official Iron Man 3 Game Review

Following the movie Iron Man 3, Gameloft have created and released the Marvel Iron Man 3 game, which can be played for free on platforms like Android and iOS. According to gamers, the game isn’t as interesting or exciting as the movie is. The Iron Man 3 game review published on GameZebo by Rob Rich, says that

“Iron Man 3 game is shiny but soulless.”

Iron man 3 game review

Gameloft made an open city for its premium Iron Man 2 game but for the free to play Iron Man 3 version they created a simpler, swifter and of course a cheaper environment. Tony Stark is being sent to multiple sites with ducking traffic, aerial obstacles, killing signs of enemies and even fights with chronicle-led boss battles. The game has a flying experience and is quite funny, initially. Even though the thrills and excitements are of short life, fans will surely try to have a copy of the game.

Iron Man 3 game is presented very attractively in the 3D surface with detailed and quick suits of armor zipping. But may feel slow movements in an iPhone 5, occasionally. The game makes you tapping or leaning, when you have to move left to right so as to evade the hindrances like trucks, fighter jets, missiles, etc., moreover, a lot of quick hit missions are available which will let you earn Stark Credits to unlock upgradable armor suits in the game. In addition, every new day gains you access to one of the several boss fights during which you will have to defeat great villains like the M.O.D.O.K.

Like said above, Iron Man 3 game has a wonderful environment but having a clear review of the environment may be hard since the game runs too fast. Also, there are many superb visual arts for all the laser beams and things like those. Moreover, the game is not so dull since it keeps the players occupied with packages and activities like unlocks, upgrade and constructs.  But the control settings may make us hate the game because of an inaccurate feeling and also leads to lot of unintended collisions. Also we will feel awkward, when firing small or large beams by tapping the screen or holding and dragging. The worst part about Iron Man 3 game is that the file size is huge. Takes time download and consumes a big piece of the phone’s memory.

The noticeable feature that makes Iron Man 3 game nicer include fantastic visuals, sense of speed, various suits of armor to unlock and modify, while the cons of the game include slow movements during some occasions, impossible obstacles to dodge, need lots cash for unlocking some suits even though Iron Man 3 can be downloaded free for Android.

How to Download Iron Man 3 Game for Android, iPad and iPhone?

The game is available for Android devices, iPad and iPod touch or iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later. Iron Man 3 game can be downloaded from Google Play and in the case of Android it requires a version 2.3 or later.

So gamers I suppose you have got a small idea about Iron Man 3 game. If you have not check out the Iron man 3 game review cum gameplay form SlashGear. For sure Iron Man 3 game is not as interesting or exciting as the movie but is something reasonably enjoyable with the wonderful 3D environments and visuals. Above all, its free!  🙂

Iron Man 3 Game Review and Gameplay

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