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iOS 8: Siri-Best additional aspects ever

Lots of innovative aspects were announced by Apple for the iOS 8 on Monday at its annual WWDC. Apple is fond of updating the features of the iPhones and iPads apps and this year, the features added to the iOS 8 are just amazing. Here, we will look at some of the great features that Apple has added to the iOS 8.

Turning Siri on: Just say Hey, Siri

Apple has made it so easy for all of us now because now to turn on Siri you just have to say the words, ‘Hey Siri’ and immediately Siri is on, how astonishing is that. This has a lot of advantages now because: for example, if you are driving and you are in heavy traffic and you need to text someone, it will be so easy.


Content purchasing

This doesn’t stop getting interesting, whenever you want to purchase a song, you will not need to go the iTunes store, all you have to do is just tell Siri and she will instantly do that for you. How much easier could it be?

Siri: Voice recognition

Voice recognition streaming will now be supported be Siri, when you’re speaking, this will let the user observe what Siri perceives. Now, Siri will now be able to be more fast respond, something many iPad and iPhone owners have been waiting for so long.

Song recognition

Apple did what we had predicted and that is incorporate Shazam in Siri. Any song you are listening to using Shazam will now be easily recognized by Siri. This will help a lot because you no longer need those extra song recognition apps you had downloaded and installed. After you activate Siri, you will now be able to know the title of the song and the artist and Siri will only take a few seconds. After that you can download the song in iTunes, so cool.

Find movies: playing anywhere close to your range

If you need to know which movie is playing near you, all you need to do is ask Siri, ‘Which movie is playing near me?’ Also, Siri can also tell you which movies are being played in specific theatres and Cities; all you need to do is ask.

Are you familiar that Siri can do all these? Do you friends know? If you’re not fond of using Siri, you are missing out a lot of fun and help, the next time you get hold of your iPhone or iPad, make sure to make the best use of Siri.

Post to social networks: Facebook and Twitter

The Notification Centre doesn’t incorporate Post and Tweet commands so users can simply tell Siri to Post to Facebook or Twitter and then Siri shows you a sample, if you choose to proceed it will be done asap. This will be very handy especially if

Calculate and tell: number of days between dates

Siri will now tell you the number of dates between dates easily. Maybe if the user wishes to know how many days until a special day he/she can command Siri: for example, The number days in anticipation of 10th July? Also you can ask Siri, The number of days amid maybe June 14 to August 21. Siri will answer by telling you accurately the total number of days.

Find the time: in another place or city

Maybe you want to call a colleague or a friend and you need to know what time  it is where they are, request, ‘What is the time in New York?’ Siri will answer and tell you and also tell you the exact number of minutes/hours ahead of you or behind.

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