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The Importance Of Technology In Education

When many of us were growing up, computers in schools were still a rarity, used for just one or two classes.

Things are very different today. They have never been more important, and they’re just part of the technological infrastructure that surrounds and supports the student as they learn.

But why does this technology matter so much? How is it helping to make sure that high educational standards continue to be achieved?

Let’s discuss the role and benefits of technology in education through this post. 

5 Roles Of Tech In The Academic Field

1. It Helps Students Engage

Today’s students are used to technology as a key part of their home and social lives. They use it to have fun. Building it into education helps them to understand that learning can also be fun and that it’s relevant to other things they value.

It makes it feel more relevant to their generation and reassures them that their teachers are not out of touch. They know that many people use technology in the workplace so schools that try to get by without it seem out of touch and don’t make students feel confident that they’re acquiring the skills they’ll need.

2. It Teaches Key Skills

In today’s world, it’s vital that young people become fluent with a variety of IT systems so that they will be ready for the workplace. They also need to learn how to adapt to the IT infrastructure essential to certain professions.

International schools in Hong Kong with curricula tailored to the STEMinn program aim to prepare students for using the software in engineering, design and statistical work. Underscoring all this is the importance of learning to code, which improves understanding of all software.

3. It Helps With Research

Although traditional libraries still have value, students in academia and professional researchers are now doing more and more of their research online.

It’s really important for school students to learn how to search out, identify and evaluate online resources, and as this overlaps with skills they are likely to use in their social lives, it’s a good way for them to learn why research matters.

Teachers supporting them in this endeavor can also take the opportunity to teach useful internet safety skills such as how to avoid being drawn in by scams.

4. It Lets Students Learn At Their Own Pace

Traditional schooling methods often mean that bright students become frustrated while students who need a little extra help risk getting left behind.

Using computers makes it much easier to provide the right amount of challenge, stimulation or support for each individual student, and can even help students who are still learning English to catch up, so that students get better results overall and have more chance of fulfilling their potential as individuals.

5. It Allows Advanced Communication

The technology advancements allow the students to communicate with their teachers immediately and that too with the improved tools.  

They can share the ideas in an effective manner and resources as well. As they could speak at ease with their instructors, the practice of teaching will be enhanced and they will keenly focus on their studies.   

Wrapping Up

For all these reasons and more, technology has become an essential part of the classroom environment. Many young students can’t imagine learning without it, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost valuable skills.

It means that they’re preparing for a different world, one where a well designed, technologically savvy education will help them get ahead.

So, what is your opinion about the development of technology in education? Do you agree that these benefits are valid and really helpful? 

Discuss with me in the comment section by sharing your priceless thoughts! 

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