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How Writing Skills Can be Helpful in Your Career?


Transcribing our thoughts into written words is a skill that all of us develop from the earliest age. As with any other skill, the progress we make with our ability to form textual content depends on our interest and the necessity to write on a certain level which could be affected by our environment, profession, age, personal relationships, and many other aspects.

The importance of writing in the workplace, especially positions that don’t include too much of written interaction, is often disregarded by most people. However, in this article, we are going to disclose the manner in which good writing skills benefit your career.

Good Grammar Is Attractive

According to research, more than 73 percent of employers prefer hiring a person with strong writing skills, and good grammar. There are several reasons why this is the case, each pointing to positive personality traits.

First of all, a good writer is a good communicator, which means that a person will be able to explain things better to team members.

Not many people can put themselves in other people’s shoes, which is an important ability that good writers nurture. Finally, proper grammar and extensive vocabulary generate a sense of trust and reliability, making you more appealing to potential employers.

Have A Strong Resume

Your first interaction with a potential employer in most cases is via the resume you send. The manner in which represent yourself is how the company leadership will see you and decide whether or not to call you for an interview.

You can enlarge your chances of getting that call if you use quality writing and proper grammar. Utilizing your writing skills allows you to create a resume that perfectly conveys the reasons why you represent a useful asset for the firm.

The way you describe your past experience and values has a strong influence on the reader’s reception, which means you could show a deep understanding of your work obligations and operational process. Ultimately, careers with writing skills requirements are becoming more popular with new job opportunities rising up all the time.

Get More Responsibility

There are many ways in which you can move forward in your career and gain a higher position in the firm, and writing can help you in your ascend in the hierarchy. The best way to get a promotion is to convince your bosses that you can be of value and have the ability to do more than you already do.

You could get additional tasks at first like preparing materials for a meeting or a conference, prepare training content, or even go as far as offering to your superior help with a speech. The possibilities are almost endless, as there is always some work that requires proper writing that others would gladly pass on to someone else.

Express yourself more effectively

It’s not unusual to hear people say how they wish they could find a way to better express to their bosses and coworkers. In a working environment, there’s often little time for long conversations and elaborate explanations of a problem.

Expressing yourself effectively means addressing others with just enough words so that all your message is complete and easy to understand. This also helps in avoiding unwanted conflicts due to a misunderstanding, which is a common reason for interpersonal issues in crowded workspaces.

It also means you can ask your boss for a bigger salary without appearing needy because you’d have a way of argumentation that would rationalize your claim.

Editing Extensively Leads To Perfect Results

A monumental part of the writing process is reading through the content in order to find all the imperfections and work on their improvement until your text is perfect. A good editor knows how to combine content, recognizes what’s important and what has little or no significance to the topic.

Even though editing is just a part of the writing process, it’s also a skill that can improve over time, and also teaches us how to look for details, it forms a habit that transfers to all other aspects of our work. Basically, editing is how writing can help you to reasonably ask for more from yourself and people you work with.

You Can Promote Yourself

Blogging is a popular way of expressing your opinion and sharing your experience with the rest of the online community. You can put your writing skills to use and start a personal blog where you will promote your ideas and make yourself known in the industry.

Even if you don’t feel absolutely secure that your writing is impeccable, you can improve your text. Essay service Edubirdie or some other online writing agency can revise your content and make sure it’s good enough to publish on your blog. You can also use various online tools to proofread the content on your own.

Better Communication – Better networks

For those people who work in a dynamic environment where both external and internal communication is of paramount importance, writing skills can determine the entire career path.

Email communication, meeting arrangement as well as the communication during the meetings both with colleagues and business partners is easier for people who articulate their thoughts properly.

Effective writing skills in the workplace that demands engagement with various people, written communication, or information distribution can take your career sky-high.


These are just some of the advantages and career opportunities that good writing skills can provide for you. If you still don’t see a way how writing can help you professionally, just put yourself in the position when was the last time you needed to do some writing for work, and you’ll certainly come to a positive conclusion. Even if it’s for nothing more than texting, writing is a part of our life and we should all seek new ways to improve it.

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