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How To Hire Fresh New Actors For Your Production?


Working on a production of any sort, whether a play at a local theater or a robust student film involving a handful of roles, requires lots of work behind the scenes. No matter how “small” or “indie” your project is, an incredible amount of time and effort likely goes into it, from the acting to the producing to the advertising. …

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Four Office Tricks to Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress Levels

Every entrepreneur knows that the secret to running a successful business is having a great team of employees behind you. If you hire competent, hardworking, and reliable individuals, your business is sure to sky-rocket to success. However, we’ve all heard of burnout syndrome. Even the creme of the crop will suffer from highs and lows in productivity levels. The office …

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How to Research Someone You Met Online?

If you meet someone online, you won’t know very much about them at first. And with the risk that they might be dishonest or out to scam you, it is smart to take some time to perform a bit of research to learn more about them. What are some of the ways that you can research someone you met online …

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