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Top Tips On How To Write A Winning Resume

Looking for a job is a tedious process. For this reason, you want to make sure every resume you drop off at every reception count.


By writing a winning resume!

If you walk past your resume, chances are your potential employer will toss it in the trash as soon they come across it. Remember, you’re not the only applicant. Dozens of other applicants are in the same race as you.

Therefore, it’s vital to write a professional resume. Check out these tips to help you.

Useful Guidelines To Make A Killer Resume 


1. Pick The Correct Resume Type

You can choose from several resume types, but this will depend on your personal preferences. For example, you have the option of choosing a targeted, combination, chronological or functional resume.

With so many options available to choose from, it’s important to take the time to pick the best type.

2. Make Sure It’s Legible

Legibility refers to the ease of reading. Therefore, you should strive to make your resume easy to read as possible. This way the hiring manager can go through your accomplishments and work history with ease.

To do this, use legible fonts such as Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman. In addition, choose a medium font size so the hiring manager can make out the details. Choose size 10 to 12.

Guidelines, examples, and templates such as these in https://copymyresume.com/template-downloads/ can offer a great foundation, but it’s vital to crafting the email with a personal touch. Furthermore, it must be relevant to the company in question.

3. Consistency Is Key

This applies to the text formatting. Everything must be consistent from start to finish. For example, if you decide to bold the headings and sub-headings, make sure you do so throughout.

Also, when using bullet points, make sure you use the same type of bullet points throughout the resume. For instance, don’t use diamond bullets in one section and circle bullets in another. Maintain consistency throughout the article.

4. Focus On The Job

Exclude any irrelevant information from the resume. Putting down extra information doesn’t guarantee you the job. Sometimes, this could put you at a disadvantage, especially if it’s irrelevant.

Instead, concentrate on the required skills and traits, which will give you an edge over other applicants.

5. Use Templates And Examples

There are numerous examples and templates available online and yes, you can download one which fits your circumstances and use it to craft your own.

Templates are fantastic, especially when you don’t know where to start or what to include in the resume. However, when you download any template, make sure you tailor it to your needs and the job you’ll apply to.

6. Creativity Wins

For those in the creative field, you can add a touch of creativity in the resume while still maintaining the traditional resume look. Such additions include infographics, videos or links to your portfolio.

While this is a great way to woo your potential employer, this is only suitable for those in the creative field. If you don’t belong here, it’s advisable to use the traditional resume.

7. Polish Your Resume

The last thing you want to do is send a resume full grammatical and spelling errors. Such small issues can translate to an inattentive applicant. To avoid such errors, use proofreading tools available for free on the internet.

You can also ask a friend to go through it and give their honest opinion about the resume. This way you’ll correct any errors.

8. Get Professional Resume Writing

Sometimes writing an appealing resume can be an overwhelming task. This is where professional resume writing services come in.

This works in two ways. First, you can write the resume yourself and submit it to a professional to go through it. Thereafter, they’ll provide their input.

The other way is by hiring a professional resume writer to craft the entire resume.

Over To You

There you have it. A list of tips you can use to make sure your resume stands out from your closest competitors for that job you’ve been eyeing for the longest time.

Now, get your resume and give it a professional touch. Will you do it? Are these resume writing tips helpful? Share your view in the comment section, let’s discuss. 

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