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How to use technology to your advantage in online poker

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. Not only are there a number of established live tournaments, attracting the biggest names in the industry, but the game has also boomed online. The largest poker website in the world has over 50 million registered players, and more people are discovering the benefits of playing online every day.

However, with such a massive player pool accumulating online, it is important for you to take your poker education seriously if you want to turn your recreational hobby into a way to generate money. Although sites like todayspokernews.com offer insightful advice for improving in offline games, there are a number of ways to utilise technology to improve your skills on the virtual felt too.

Here are just a few ways how you can use technology to help you improve at online poker.


Become familiar with the rules online

In the old days, you would have to rely on fellow players or books to understand the rules and hand rankings of every variant of poker. Nowadays we can simply pop onto a poker website and find all the information we need in one place. Take advantage of this.

Familiarise yourself with the basics of a selection of different poker games. That way you will be prepared to compete in a huge selection of different online cash games and tournaments.

Play free online games to practice your skills

Once you feel confident with the ins and outs of a poker game, make sure to test yourself in play-money and free-roll games. This way you can gain experience and discover your strengths and weaknesses without incurring any monetary damage.

If you need to, go back and revaluate certain strategies to understand where you are lacking in the game. You can then graduate to real-money games when you are ready to try to turn a profit.   

Watch instructional videos for tips and advice

Instructional videos are a great way to quickly learn new strategies. These videos are usually hosted by experienced players, or even poker professionals, and can be found on video sites such as Youtube or on poker sites themselves.

Videos are a fantastic way to learn, as you can easily digest the information that is being taught to you. You can see exactly how something should be done and you can watch it back again and again until you are sure you fully understand it.

User poker apps to your advantage

There is a huge selection of poker apps on the market. These are fantastic for putting your skills to the test when on the move. As well as a selection of free-to-play poker games, apps can also offer you software, which can analyze your gameplay and show you ways to improve.

Insta Poker on iOS devices will analyze your performance in Texas Hold’em, based on the quality of your decision-making and not the amount of profit you can generate. Poker Analyzer will offer similar feedback, keeping serious players up to date on their average hourly profit to help them keep a track of their bankroll. There is something out there for every poker player.


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