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How To Use Knock Off Air pods?

Want to know about Knock Off Air Pods? You are in the right place to get some valuable information about this Apple Air Pods alternative. 

Earphones, nowadays, have become a necessity along with Smartphones. Without ear pods or earphones, spending the entire day becomes problematic. One of the most famous everyday earphones is Apple’s Air Pods. These are in trend, and almost everyone wishes to own a pair of these.

For the people who cannot invest in such earphones, knock offs Air pods are a great alternative.

What Are Knock Off Air Pods?


Knock-offs refer to the copy version of the traditional Apple Air Pods. These are not exactly similar to Air Pods as the companies which manufacture Knock off Air Pods tend to make slight changes in the external attributes of the Knock offs.

This is done to avoid the copyright claim from Apple. However, more or less, the Knock off earphones function in a way similar to the conventional Air Pods.

So, if the user wishes to use wireless earphones and cannot afford the Apple Air Pods, investing in a good pair of Knock off earphones are the perfect Apple Air Pods alternatives.

Key Features Of Air Pods

Released in 2016, the Apple Air Pods are known to be the company’s best inventions in recent years, as these offer a great battery life, feature of portability, and super easy charging.

These were introduced in 2016, while the newer versions were introduced in March 2019. Currently, there are two versions of Apple Air Pods. Both of these are known as Air Pods but have certain differences in their features.

Air Pods have a lot of unique features, which can be experienced on an Apple device and are perfect for functioning on all other Apple devices.

Given below are some of the essential features of Air Pods:

  • It does not involve any wires. As these are wireless, it makes the entire process hassle-free.
  • It offers a comfortable fit for the users
  • It has a five-hour battery life, which makes its use possible for long hours.
  • With the charging case, it can get a total of 24 hours of battery life.
  • It provides an instant connection with a range of Apple devices like the iPhone, iMac, or iPad.
  • Just one Air Pod can also be used for calls and listening to music.
  • Taking out an Air Pod pauses the music playing.
  • It comes up with a notification regarding the low battery of the Air Pods.

Hacks To Improve The Use Of Air Pods

Air Pods offer an amazing battery life, easy connection with other Apple devices, Android compatibility, and a lot of features of Siri as well.

However, soon, people realized that Air Pods were not perfect and there were certain loopholes, which had allowed its users to improvise the use of Air Pods.

Here, we bring to you the best Air Pod hacks which can improve the use of your Air Pods:

1. Enjoy More Bass From Your Regular Air Pods

This hack is widely used by a wide population of people already for a long time, but still, it remains the most loved out of all. This hack not only enhances the fit of these Air Pods but also improves the Bass of the music, adding to the upgraded sound quality in general.

Also, this hack is very inexpensive and very simple to execute. To make this hack work, the user should have some foam pieces, a small screwdriver, and a lighter.

At the tiny openings on the Air Pods, try and fix the foam pieces accurately with the help of a screwdriver. This hack adds a low-bass to the music, which instantly builds up the sound quality.

2. Keep Your Air Pods Intact In Your Ears

As Air Pods are wireless, the biggest concern is of these falling off. Without any wires for any support, if Air Pods slip off by any chance, it can lead to a lot of financial loss for the user. For this issue to be resolved, people have innovatively come up with a solution.

This just requires a hole punchers and waterproof tape. Also, this hack can be completed within five minutes of starting, and along with this, nobody comes to know if the user has made any changes to their Air Pods.

This hack does not change the charging potential as well as the sound quality of the Air Pods.

3. Stop Draining The Battery Of Your Air Pods By Restarting Those

Sometimes, in the charging case, there is a mysterious battery drain that is experienced by a lot of users. This issue has been highlighted in several reports. Some users even experienced as much as a 4 percent battery drain on an hourly basis, which is a lot.

It is not possible to fix this issue by 100 percent. However, by resetting the Air Pods, the users can easily control this excessive battery drain.

Also, this can be highly helpful in increasing the life of your Air Pods.

4. Convert The Air Pod Case Into A Wireless Charger

People have been looking forward to the wireless Air Pod chargers that have been promised by Apple. However, some users have even come up with interesting hacks to enable wireless charging for their Air Pods. This hack is super easy and inexpensive and just involves a wireless charger.

If the user wishes to protect the phone, they can do so by covering the receiver jack. One can simply buy a silicone cover that can protect the receiver port.

This hack is perfect as the wireless charging can easily take place through the silicone phone cover, which can further help in charging the Air Pods in a wireless mode.

5. Conserve Battery Life By Using Only One Air Pod At A Time

Though the Air Pods offer an excellent one-time listening time of around five hours, it is not enough for a lot of people. Hence, by alternating the Air Pods being used and charging those simultaneously can be very helpful to enhance the listening duration for the users.

While one Air Pod charges up, the other one can be used to listen to the favorite songs and music. It is not very convenient, but it can allow you to listen to songs for more hours for sure.


Knock off Air Pods are perfect for use in place of the traditional wired earphones as these ensure quick Bluetooth connectivity. It can easily function with both Apple as well as Android devices, which is a big plus point.

Also, it offers almost all the features which are found in the traditional Apple Air Pods but at a fraction of its price, which makes the Knock off Air Pods very attractive. Some Knock off Air Pods does not even have issues of battery, which again, adds to their benefits.

By using Knock off Air Pods, the users can easily work on the go, without any compulsion of staying close to their phones, as it happens in case of the conventional earphones, which makes these perfect for use.

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