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How to House Housing App for Finding Homes?

Banjara Hills is like Pali Hills of Mumbai, in a manner of speaking.

Banjara Hills are as valuable in Hyderabad as Pali Hills are in Mumbai. However, this is where all the differences end. Pali Hill is a posh residential neighborhood whereas Banjara Hills is an urban commercial centre.

Earlier the area was hilly and uninhabited. Only the members of the Nizam family used to live in this region. It is one of the most posh and modern areas of Hyderabad today. The locality comprises of some of the best restaurants and shopping malls of the city. The hotshots from all walks of life hailing from Hyderabad are known to have houses in this area. Hence anyone who wants to rent house in Banjara Hills Hyderabad has to have a budget on the higher end of the property price spectrum.


Housing.com offers features which can help a person search for a property with ease in this area; be it 1BHK flat for rent in Banjara Hills or a penthouse suite. It is the user-friendly interface of the housing app which helps in easy search and short listing of properties in all territories.


Technology Driven Services

A lot of thought, research and engineering work has gone into the development of the housing.com portal and app. The app is compact and has been designed specifically for users who are on the move. It does not offer everything on the small screen of the mobile app. Only the vital bits for property search from the housing.com website which are available on the app interface.

The function of the app is to help a buyer find properties of interest, in Hyderabad and ten other major cities of the country. One can search for properties for purchase and properties for rent using this app with considerable ease. There is a separate feature of the app which allows young professionals and students to specifically search for hostels and PG accommodations in any of these cities. The app also allows interested parties to search for property agents- should they need any assistance of one.


All these features have been incorporated in the housing app after careful market research and demand analysis. The issues with comprehensive information on a small screen have been minimized and the navigation of the app has been kept exquisitely simple.


Additionally, any seller can use the app to provide information about the saleable property to housing.com by filling a simple form. Likewise, any buyer with special requests can send them to the housing team by filling a similar form.

In case of any concerns or queries, the housing team is just a call away. Someone who likes to read can know more about housing.com’s technology oriented services by visiting its blog.

A user can also view the shortlisted properties from the app.

Shortlist Feature

A lot of work has gone into the method of delivering property details which also comprise of indices and scores which help a buyer make a quick decision about the property. Special care has been taken to ensure that all information that a buyer sees about an accommodation is accurate. This is why ‘verified’ photos are listed on properties which are up for sale/rent. Mathematical assessment of property rating is done in accordance with location and available amenities. This helps in easy short listing.

In Conclusion

All in all, the housing app can provide sufficient information to a buyer to consider the property for purchase without even visiting it. This has been enabled by the power of technology.

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