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How to Convert PDF to OpenOffice on Linux

Linux is growing in popularity because of its versatile nature and, naturally, because it is free for users. It seems that this operating system is primarily attractive to users with some programming skills because of its open source features that they can play with. However, amateur users who have been using Windows and Mac OS can also get used to Linux very easily because of the many similar functions that these operating systems share.

One of the biggest challenges for converted, first-time Linux users is finding best alternatives to software for Windows and Mac. The ideal scenario is if the software they have been using on their Mac or Microsoft Windows offers Linux downloads as well. That is why it is not uncommon that they install desktop version of Microsoft Office for creating and editing their documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

However, most users will opt for free and preferably open-source alternative to MS Office, such as OpenOffice. It is a pretty mighty and advanced solution for managing all kinds of documents. Besides, it makes saving document as PDF easy, which enables the user to share their reports, presentations or tables with anyone else, regardless of the operating system they use, or device for that matter.

But, when it comes to converting PDFs to editable OpenOffice formats, such as Writer, Calc or Impress, it is a bit more difficult to find comprehensive, accurate and reliable PDF Converter for Linux.  One of the best, full-featured PDF solutions on the market is Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 by Investintech.

Able2Extract runs smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. As a matter of fact, it is the first cross-platform PDF converter on the market, released at the end of last year (2012). Though the Linux version of the converter is designed primarily for Ubuntu and Fedora users, it performs equally well on other operating systems, like Debian “Jessie”, for example.

Some of Able2Extracts most popular conversion features are:

–        PDF to Excel

–        PDF to Word

–        PDF to Publisher

–        PDF to PowerPoint

–        PDF to HTML

–        PDF to Autocad formats

–        PDF to Image formats

–        Batch file conversion

–        Selective conversion

Users looking for a powerful desktop conversion utility for their Linux-powered laptop or personal computer can download the software for free and work with it for 7 days without any cost, after which period the trial version expires. Those who like Able2Extract PDF Converter and want to keep using it after the free trial can purchase the full license for $99.95 or 30-day subscription for $34.95.

All conversions are performed in only a few easy steps, and to demonstrate how user-friendly the tool is, we’ll go through PDF to OpenOffice conversion step by step. If you master this feature, you’ll easily work with all other options because all the conversion steps are similar.

Open the PDF you wish to convert to an editable spreadsheet.


The next step is to Select “All” or “Area”. Click on “All” if you wish to convert the whole document”.

Click on “Area” if you only want to extract some part of your PDF table: one page, a few columns, etc.


Click “OpenOffice”.


Choose one of the three desired formats: Writer which is equivalent to MS Word, Impress which is equivalent to PowerPoint, or Calc which is equivalent to Excel.


Click “Convert”, name your file and save it in your desired location.

These four quick steps are all it takes to convert a PDF file into an editable ODS spreadsheet.

Able2Extract will certainly meet all expectations of Linux users who are looking for reliable alternative software.

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