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How To Clean The MacBook Screen?

Apple products are extremely delicate, they are made from different materials, you need to be extra caution while handling them, especially the MacBook. The MacBook screen is extremely gentle, it can easily capture your fingerprints, dust, oil on the screen.

Cleaning the MacBook roughly with an abrasive cloth can lead to serious damage to the fragile screen. How to clean the Mac screen? It’s a million dollar question! 

Here are the 3 best methods which can be used to clean the MacBook screen without damaging them.

3 Helpful Methods To Clean The Mac Screen


1. Clean With Dry Cloth

  • Turn off the MacBook and remove all the cords and power adapter, the friction produced due to cloth can damage the circuit of the adapter.
  • With the help of microfiber cloth gently polish the screen, move across in small circles and cover all the areas. It is advisable not to apply high pressure while polishing the screen.
  • Make sure the microfiber cloth is soft, lint-free and non-abrasive.
  • Wipe the screen for good 2-3 minutes or until the fingerprint marks and specks of dirt is removed well.
  • While cleaning the MacBook screen hold the system by keyboard this will prevent accidental fingerprints on the screen again.

2. Use Moist Cloth

  • Before getting started, turn off the computer and make sure all the cords are unplugged including the power adapter.
  • Take a damp soft microfiber cloth which is lint free, the clothing should be lightly moist. Avoid excessive drenching of cloth to clean the screen of MacBook as it can leave an additional watermark on the screen. Moreover, it can also damage the screen.
  • While cleaning the screen use distilled water. It is best to avoid tap water as it is loaded with minerals and it can also be conductive.
  • Avoid sparing water directly on the screen, there are high chances of water getting into the machine.

3. Use MacBook Screen Cleaner

There are many reliable screen cleaners available in the market to clean MacBook.

  • Before proceeding it is must to turn off the computer and remove cords. Too much exposure to wet cleanser can damage the inner circuit.
  • Gently spray a small amount of MacBook cleaner on the soft microfiber cloth and wipe the screen.
  • Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly on the screen as well as on the laptop. It can get into the system via tiny openings and can lead to short circuits.
  • The final step is to wipe out everything with clean soft cloth by applying slight pressure on the screen.

Best 5 MacBook Screen Cleaner To Buy In 2019 & Beyond 

If you are not okay with the above manual ways, you may buy the professional kit to clean the Mac screen and keep it new forever! 

1. Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit

This is a popular product to clean the screen of MacBook. It comes with an extra-large soft microfiber cloth which ensures deep cleaning.

The cleansing solution is specially developed to clean the screen of laptop and smartphones. The solution is free from alcohol and harsh components. Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit ensures a clean screen and is totally safe for regular use.

2. Tech Armor 120 ML Pro Cleaning Kit with Extra Move Formula

The Tech Armor is a water-based cleansing formula which is totally a safe choice to clean the screen of MacBook. The cleaning kit consists of a screen cleaner solution, microfiber, and alcohol-free screen wipes.

3. Screen Cleaner Kit

If you are looking for a reliable screen cleaner within budget, Screen Cleaner Kit is best. It provides value for money and a single bottle can last over 1572 sprays. The cleaning solution is free from alcohol, ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

The best part is, Screen Cleaner is odour free and works great to clean the MacBook screen. The Screen Cleaner Kit consists of screen cleaning solution, extra large microfiber cloth.

4. iKlear iK

iKlear iK is a cleaning solution which is 100% non-toxic a safe to clean the screen. The packaging is compact and you can carry iKlear iK while travelling as well. The iKlear iK complete cleaning kit comes with a 1 large cloth and 1 small travel size cloth to keep your MacBook screens sparkling clear.

5. Vius Premium Screen Cleaner Spray

This MacBook screen cleaner gently wipes out the bacteria, fingerprints, dust, oil, etc from the screen. The cleansing formula is free from alcohol, sulphates, phosphates, and ammonia. It is advisable to clean the screen with a soft microfiber cloth and Vius Premium Screen Cleaner Spray regularly for best results.

Tips To Keep Your MacBook Screen Clean

There are some basic things which can be done to keep the MacBook clean and dust free.

  • Avoid eating over, keep the laptop away from dirt, avoid touching the screen with bare dirty hands.
  • Always keep the MacBook in a safe case, it ensures complete protection of the laptop.
  • You can also invest in a good screen protector to safeguard it from smudging and fingerprint accumulation.
  • To get rid of tougher stains it is best to use any of the above-mentioned screen cleaners. Avoid using too much liquid and never directly spray the cleaning solution on screen.


If you rigorously use the MacBook for work, while travelling or even during eating it definitely needs serious cleaning. It is refreshing to work on a clean MacBook screen, accumulation of bacteria and dirt is the last thing which you want on your MacBook screen.

While cleaning the screen be extra gentle and use only high-quality MacBook screen cleaner which is free from alcohol and ammonia. Did you like the tips to keep your Mac screen forever? Do you have any other better idea? Please share your thoughts with me! 

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