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Host1Plus Review: Why Its Windows VPS Is Worth The Price?

Everything on the internet has to stand on one solid plate – web hosting.

They’re like the houses of your domain names. With no house, no website can succeed.

Much like anything on the Internet, there are tons of Hosting providers too; which makes the selection time taking and confusing.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the math and figured out one powerful host that you can trust – Host1Plus.

In this post, I would like to discuss the unique qualities of the Windows VPS hosting of Host1Plus.

Before I start talking about their Windows VPS, I’d first like to explain what a VPS is!

Concept of VPS (Virtual Private Server)

If you’ve been blogging for some time, you’re likely to be familiar with Shared hosting.

Shared hosting is when a specific number of websites (suppose 10) are hosted on the same server.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It helps you do tasks equivalent to a dedicated physical server. Hosting companies sell VPS as a service.

Every virtual server has an operating system installed on it (like Linux, Mac or Windows) and is capable of doing almost any task a typical system could.

The cost of the virtual server is low as compared to a physical and dedicated one, but the speed can vary as per server’s hardware and load.

A virtual server is a part of an actual physical server and users have access to it. By using VPS, you can save significant money if you have high traffic website.

The cost is divided among many users. The best part of the Virtual Server is that you can customize its specs as per your requirement and budget.


Who Needs VPS?

Online utility tools websites that need to run a custom application on their server, websites, and blogs with tons of traffic flow need a VPS.

As your blog/online business grows, it’s going to need more and more server space. Eventually, shared hosting won’t be able to sustain your website.

At that time, you need to upgrade your space to a VPS or a physical server. I have already reviewed the VPS hosting features of Host1Plus and now specifically want to talk about their Windows VPS.

Host1Plus Review: Dynamic & Affordable Windows VPS

Host1Plus comes among some big players in the hosting arena, especially when we talk about VPS hosting. They’ve been in the business since 2008 and have improved a lot since then.

They also offer dedicated servers and shared hosting. Their selling point is that they deliver services at an affordable price without compromising with the quality part (something I am a big fan of).


Salient features of Host1Plus Windows VPS

1. Your unique IP address – They assign a unique IP address to every user which enables you to use FTP and personalized emails. Unique IP also helps you boosting your website in SERPS.

2. Root level controls – When you are using a shared hosting, you don’t have access to core levels of the server. In Host1Plus, you get to access the root level. This means that you can install OS, software and play around.

It’s like your virtual cloud computer (it is exactly that).

3. Auto-installer – I have a decent knowledge of blogging and WordPress, but when it comes to super focused technical things, I am pretty much useless. But thanks to their auto script installer, you can install some scripts with ease. This means that you’ll not be contacting support again and again due to some error.

4. Live tracking – Under your dashboard, you can track down your resource usage in real time. This could help you in avoiding network, memory, and CPU over usage. Also, monitoring will also tell you how many resources you need, if you exhaust too often, you should upgrade, and if you don’t use all resources, consider downgrading a bit.

5. Location freedom – Website loading plays a great deal in the online arena. Host1Plus lets you select a location for your site. For example, if your product’s target audience is in the United States, you can select an appropriate server, and your website will load faster in that region.

6. Easy pricing – When it comes to making a final purchase, often we are stuck at the price label. Well, you won’t have to do it with Host1Plus. Their pricing is affordable and won’t be digging a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, they don’t degrade their quality when offering services at a lower price.

7. Virtual Console – This part might sound funny because the whole server is virtual, but still you get access to a virtual console with which you can connect to your server.

8. KVM VPS technology – Host1Plus’s server operate on KVM technology. They use KVM Hyper-V which makes sure that your server gets topmost isolation and performance. In KVM, You get to use all the resources without sharing them with any other person. This means you can expect a flawless performance.

9. Easy customization – Host1Plus operates on an independent Linux kernel which means you can modify your server and even upgrade of a downgrade it if needed.

10. Backup – Backups are always a good idea. You can either backup manually whenever you want or schedule backups on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

11. Easy DNS Control – You can easily edit DNS records from your client area and use it as per your convenience.


A lot of companies provide VPS servers, but the majority of them offer Linux as the OS. But, Host1Plus comes among those enterprises that provide windows system VPS as well.

Personally, I think it all depends on what need you have. If you need to host some software that specifically requires Windows, you should go with Host1Plus Windows VPS. If you have any pre-sales questions, their live chat is always open.

Do let me know your thoughts on VPS hosting and whether or not you’d be testing it out. Also, which OS do you think is best for virtual servers?

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