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10 Ways to Store Things in a Home in an Attractive Way?

Despite needing to store a variety of items in a home, homeowners will want it to have an attractive decor. Today, this is easier than ever because we know that there are great products available for the storage of an assortment of things.

Best 10 Home Decor and Storage Tips

Here are some of the items that we recommend for beautiful home storage.

Item 1: Woven Baskets in Numerous Sizes

Woven baskets are easy to find, attractive and handmade, so we suggest that homeowners use these for open storage. A beautiful woven basket looks great in any room to hold things that include the remotes for electronic devices, folded blankets, and children’s toys.

With the proper care, these baskets will last a lifetime, and it possible to change the use of a basket when a homeowner’s circumstances change.

Item 2: Metal Trunks in Decorative Colors

We suggest finding new or vintage metal trunks in decorative colors that homeowners can use for storage in a home. If the outside of a trunk is degraded, then it is easy to paint the items or add contact paper to the sides.

Some metal trunks are large enough to use as coffee tables in a living room while other metal trunks are made in square shapes, making the items suitable as lamp tables.

Item 3: Customized Wooden Cabinets

By hiring a carpenter, it is easy to have customized wooden cabinets made for each room of a home to have decorative storage. These items are often built-in storage units that fit precisely into specific areas to offer a place to store items without anyone seeing the things. With secure cabinet doors and drawers, it is possible to have a room that is free from unsightly clutter.

Item 4: Furniture that Contains Storage Areas

A homeowner can look for furniture that contains hidden storage areas to have a beautiful space. Rather than buying a traditional bed frame, look for one that has large drawers underneath for storing extra bedding or seasonal items.

In a child’s bedroom, this type of storage system is a great way to keep games and toys hidden from view. There are also bed frames that have bookshelves along the headboard, giving homeowners a place to store books, CDs and DVDs.

Item 5: Hassock or Footrest Storage

When a homeowner wants to have a cushion or footrest near a chair in a bedroom or living room, we recommend finding items that have a removable top. This gives a homeowner an attractive place to store clothing, blankets, or toys. With these pieces of furniture, a homeowner has a place for resting feet, extra seating, and storage.

Item 6: A Delivered Storage Container

One of the easiest ways to have additional storage at home is by having a clean storage container delivered by our experts. Portable moving containers are brought to a home at a homeowner’s convenience so that it is easy to fill it with the items that are needed at a new location.

In addition to a total relocation, these containers are suitable for moving a college student’s possessions to a residence hall. We can also pick up the container to take it to a secure storage facility when our customers are between homes, involved in the military or traveling for extended amounts of time.

Item 7: Attractive Storage Boxes

While using a brown cardboard box in a closet is okay, it is better to use attractive storage boxes in other areas of the home. These high-quality cardboard storage boxes are often covered in beautiful paper that has designs that include stripes, flowers, and abstract shapes. Homeowners can find attractive cardboard storage boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Item 8: Glass Jars in Different Shapes and Sizes

A gorgeous vintage canning jar is a great place to store small things in a home’s kitchen or sewing room. A homeowner can look for a variety of modern or antique glass jars to use for the storage of small items or foods. Look for jars that have tight-fitting lids to store pantry staples that include brown rice, pasta or flour.

Item 9: Hammock Storage

For a child’s bedroom, buy or make a hammock to place in the corner of a room to hold hundreds of stuffed animals, action figures or dolls. Look for fabric colors that match the child’s bedding to have an attractive bedroom.

Item 10: Metal Canisters

When a homeowner has a hobby that requires the storage of multiple tools or materials, metal canisters look great on a countertop or a bookshelf. By choosing the correct sizes of metal canisters, it is possible to stack the items to create an extra amount of storage space with everything hidden from view.

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