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Groupon Alternatives 2016 – Similar Websites Like Groupon

Are you searching for the Groupon like sites? If yes, you have reached the right place. In this blog post, I’m going to list some legit websites similar to Groupon. 


With the advent of e-commerce, Internet penetrated even more into the day to day life people. Millions of items are “added to cart” every day because you don’t need to get into any hassle in online shopping, browse the archive, select the item and place the order and it gets to your doorstep. Due to its convenience, E-commerce sector is booming rapidly.

Realizing the fast growing trend, tons of websites came up to cater coupon codes to users. One such website is Groupon, one of the most widely used coupon site. However, people like you are looking for the alternatives to Groupon to grab the profitable deals. So, let’s get into the details of discount sites like Groupon now!

Best 10 Websites Similar To Groupon

Check the Groupon like sites to grab the best deal and save huge money! 

1. WagJag


If you consider the scenario in Canada, this website is the biggest competitor to Groupon. The working model is quite similar to Groupon; they sell discount coupons which are purchased by customers. If enough vouchers are sold, you can buy one for the product at a reduced price. This website only operates in Canada.

The reason it competes so well with Groupon in Canada is that it has more city specific locations in Canada, which means that you can get more deals closer to your home. Their customer service is also said to be improving dramatically and this is the reason to list this website like Groupon.

2. Living Social


Another website which is competes quite well to Groupon and looks quite similar as well. When the user registers, he is prompted to tell where he is located and what specific products he needs deals on. Then, the website filters the best possible deals.

Users can also book tours, meals, spa packages and several other things in Living Social. As it is the best marketplace to get unique offerings in USA and Canada, I have kept this deal site like Groupon on the list. And the exciting trendy news is that the Living Social has acquired by the Groupon and I hope that this deals website will be available for all the countries.

3. Woot


This website isn’t similar to Groupon like other two mentioned above, but still, it can be considered as a Groupon alternative because it offers daily deals to users. Despite not being as big of a company like Groupon, you can still find some excellent deals on home maintenance, jewelry, electronics and much more.

If you use this website, you should keep two things in mind. First, the descriptions are written in quite whimsical and casual language and might not sound appealing. Second, the company is quite small and is doing quite big things, which leads to its customer support not being so good.

4. ScoutMob


This similar to Groupon website adds a little bit of twist in its functionality. The twist is – all the websites focus on offering deals on established businesses and big retail chains, this website takes a bit different route.

It presents deals from independent artisans in your locality. The items can include anything from jewelry, clothing, decorations, and even eatables. It’s much like Etsy if you consider it that way.

5. RetailMeNot


This might not be a huge website, but it is the best place to get coupon codes for your purchase. You can find tons of deals in various categories which include gadgets, clothing, electronics and eatables.

You can also grab deals on things like Victoria’s secret clothing. Their website has 50,000 stores and more than 500,000 coupons, which make it as one of the discount sites like Groupon.

6. Travelzoo


The name is quite self-explanatory, they offer deals related to traveling. If you are planning a tour or trip, you can get a bunch of deals on restaurants, airfare, spas, hotels, and even on car rentals. You can also book affordable packages for traveling using Travelzoo.

Since their main mission is to suggest the best deals from the best companies, this Groupon similar site has more than 29 billion members around the world. Just join for free and check the top travel deals to save your money!

7. SlickDeals


One major problem with discount deal websites is that most of the times you find a deal you like and find that it is expired. It is quite annoying. SlickDeals took care of this problem and fixed it. They have a huge base of users who make sure that deals are legit and great.

Every single deal submitted on their website is tested and voted. Based on the feedback, the deal is discussed, and after that, it gets on the front page along with other filtered deals.

8. FatWallet


Fat Wallet is one of the best attractive Groupon like sites. It does two things at once, features coupons and provides you cashback for using them. It works in a straightforward manner, when your make purchase through their code, they get a commission, and then they share a part of that with you.

If you are a frequent shopper, you will save soon enough, and you will get a cheque from FatWallet from the mail. They can even send the money via Paypal.

9. 1Sale


This site was previously known as one sale a day and got re-branded after that. This website caters daily discounts in categories like fashion, home, entertainment, electronics, toys and much more.

The name is quite self-explanatory that their sales change every day. They offer quite good discounts, and you can also submit your deals once you join their community.

10. Restaurant


The name leaves no stones unturned to explain that they provide deals for restaurants based on location, name, and type of cuisine. You can read reviews from 18k restaurants and then select the restaurant of your choice.

Other Websites Like Groupon To Try

You may also try the below Groupon like sites to acquire the grand deals & discounts!

  1. Gilt – Up to 70% off the best brands (Shipping available in India)
  2. Coupons – Easy to reach site that grows globally 
  3. DollarDig – Most reliable cashback rebate website
  4. Savings – Everything you wanted to know about coupon
  5. Ebates – Discover more deals with cash back


Everyone wants to get the discount from every product that we buy and hence the money-saving websites like Groupon are becoming popular. The online shoppers can get amazing deals for several products on these websites and even I have saved thousands on items.  

The point is, these sites are good if you are a frequent shopper. Otherwise, it isn’t a good idea to get your email inbox cluttered with promotional emails. If you shop quite frequently, then these Groupon like sites can indeed save some bucks for you.

Do you know any other websites like Groupon that gives the maximum discounts to save our hard-earned cash? Share your views and experience in the comment section so that the other readers would get benefit in saving the money. 

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