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Google Glass Specs and How to Get Glass Android App?

Are you one of those who heard about the Google Glass months ago, then never got to here much about the fascinating Glass again and are expecting some updates about it?

If yes, then you and me are bitten by the same bug. Good news for both of us !  😎

Google Glass

Google today has mind bogglingly blown our pining for more info about Google Glass. News about Google Glass was released in series by the Google Glass team since this morning, and more can be expected anytime soon. So stay tuned to this blog to catchup with the the Google Glass hype. Here is how the Google Glass team made it to the tabloids today –

  • Firstly, Google Glass team had revealed through its Glass waiting list that the first batch of Google Glass would be dispatched to the applicants who applied through the Google Glass Official website within few weeks.
  • Google then announced the Glass Developer guideline which can be used to develop Google Glass Apps which are alternatively termed as Glassware.
  • Google Glass team then released the Google Glass specification/specs which we shall explore later in this article.
  • Finally, Google made the Google Glass Companion Apps for Android phones available for download through Google Play.

Google Glass Specifications

  • Battery life of one whole day, unless heavy functions such as Google Hangouts are redundantly used.
  • A HD 25 inch display with the object perception at  8 feet away from the eye.
  • Two sets of nose-pads that go with just anyone wearing the Glass.
  • 5 megapixel camera.
  • 16 GB memory which is synced with Google Drive cloud storage.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone.
  • Connectivity can be attained through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Audio is transmitted through the Bone Conduction technology which relieves the user from having  headphones or ear plugs to grasp audio from the Glass.

MyGlass Companion Apps for Android

The MyGlass companion app is not an obligation to use the Google Glass device. The Glass can be set up and used through the Glass setup wizard too. However, installing the MyGlass campanion app on Android phones lets you handle SMS through the Glass. It also allows using location provision services on the Google Glass. The MyGlass companion app can be installed only in Android ice cream sandwich i.e., the Android 4.0.3 and above version of the Android operating system.

Installing the App without owning the Google Glass is pretty much pointless is what Google Play says. However, many users have downloaded the App due the cute puppy in pajamas  which apparently seems to be a bait to make more android users get the app.

All that one can now wait for is the first review about the overwhelming Google Glass. I’m sure all or you, just like me are pining to see what this $1500 gadget promises. But if you want to have a quick peek into what Google claims one can do with their Google Glass, check out the below official video on Google Glass.

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