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Convert Your TV Into PC With Google Chromebit

Google has unveiled a fresh addition to its array of products. It’s nothing but the Google Chromebit, a chrome OS based device which is expecting to be released this summer. Let’s discuss the impressive features of this Google’s computer-on-a-stick through this post.


Google Chromebit – What is it?

When I say Chromebit what exactly do you understand? Yes, it is a new Chrome device manufactured by Asus with the brains of Google. The size will not be more than a candy bar, but it is equivalent to a full-size PC in terms of technology.


What you need to do is, just plug in this stick to any display with an HDMI port and it gets transformed into a computer. So, for school or business purposes it is a much-needed upgrade from a full-time PC.


Google Chromebit Specifications

Google Chromebit contains 3288 quad-core Rockchip Cortex A-17 processor, 760 GPU ARM Mali along with 2 GB RAM and 16GB of storage.

Bluetooth 4.0, Smart ready controller, Wi-Fi 802.11 AC support and a USB port are the other integration of Google Chromebit. Thus, you can understand its potential, which fits in the power of a fully fledged PC in its tiny body size.

If you connect it to an HDMI TV and a wireless keyboard you get complete access to apps and folders in your PC.


Importance and Advantages of Google Chromebit

You carry your bulky laptop to work every day and not only that you have to carry it while traveling for work related appointments also. Just visualize! If small dongle size equipment can replace the laptop, your life will become so much more comfortable. Isn’t it?

You cannot produce all the real work output on a Tablet but surely with Chromebit dongle you can give your laptop some rest.

Google has been pondering over the portability issue and it announced the launch of Chromebit this summer as a solution.

Google joined hands with Asus as the manufacturer of the Google Chromebit . Priced at just below 100$, this remarkable gadget can convert any TV into a full-screen computer.

You just have to plug the device into HDMI output. It is tremendous news for working professionals who often travel. All you need to do after traveling is check in, rest for a while and then plug in the dongle to the TV set. You get access to internet instantly and you can access all the important folders saved in your PC.

If you have a presentation to conduct it becomes all the more stylish. Instead of carrying a laptop or checking pen drives all you carry along is this stick. Powerpoint presentation saved in your PC can be easily be transferred and stored in Chromebit.

The makers claim that the size of Chromebit is smaller than a candy bar that means portability can never be a question. Secondly you just have to plug in the dongle to any TV device to turn it into a computer.

Not only for work, it can be used for social purposes also. This device can be an educative tool for schools or interior hospitals where finding a computer is relatively difficult.


Final Words

The search giant, Google has announced a new type of chrome device, Google Chromebit that can fit in the pocket. If you attach it to a display with HDMI port, it will turn into your computer. It is amazing, isn’t it? This tiny sized dongle is anticipated to be launched in either silver, blue or orange color along with a range of affordable Chromebooks.

So, if you’re looking for a smart way to get chrome OS onto your display device, Google Chromebit might be your choice. It will be launching this summer at an affordable price range below $100. This amazing device is considered as a big competitor of Intel’s Compute Stick which will also be hit the market soon.

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