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GetResponse – The Best One Stop Shop for Online Publishers

“Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” – The same rule applies to the bloggers and digital marketers as well!

You can never guarantee that your AdSense account along with some affiliate campaigns will give you assured income for life. Your AdSense account might be banned, your site might be wiped out of search engine rankings, and you might end up losing all your passive income.

Don’t think that I’m demotivating you; I’m just asking, What would you do in that case?

There’s one source that has a greater possibility of sticking by your side – and that’s your e-mail list. Your mailing list can be an “anytime money” source for you if you know how to set up the fundamentals through an exact way.

Setting up the essentials for email marketing requires an excellent tool, right?

GetResponse is our all-time favorite e-mail marketing tool as it is a one-stop shop for online publishers. We have already compared the GetResponse features with its rival, ConstantContact to reveal which one is best in what aspect.


Now, in this post, let me consolidate the key features of GetResponse so that you will be able to recognize its competence in building and running the efficient email marketing campaigns.

Astonishing Features of GetResponse

Do you curious to know what’s so good in GetResponse which gives it the cutting edge? Check its standalone features below!

Specialized Templates

If the design of the landing page and the newsletter sucks, then your e-mail list would suck too! GetResponse offers impressive templates for free and also gives a drag and drop creator that can let you do the task with ease.

Also, there are hundreds of templates for your newsletters, and you can make them unique by making some modifications. It’s the design that will attract your users and GetResponse makes sure you get the best of it!

Responsive to mobile

Mobile is the trendy buzz. If your pages aren’t responsive to mobile, you’re already missing your subscribers. GetResponse is completely responsive to mobile, and you don’t have to do anything for that.

Easy Interface

The dashboard of GetResponse is pretty easy to use, and any amateur e-mail marketer can get adapted to it. As said before, the “Drag and Drop” feature takes the burden of coding away from you. Similarly, everything at GetResponse is accessible in a straightforward manner.

Autoresponder works like a charm

Trust me; it is very easy to send customized as well as fixed messages with GetResponse. There are time-based and action based messages, and you might be amazed when you look at what GetResponse lets you do.


Never get stuck

GetResponse has a helpful support page, and you can find answers to almost every query of yours. In case your question isn’t present in FAQ, you can contact their support team who is ever ready to help you out. Their support team knows the ins and outs of the system, and you can surely rely on them for assistance.

Forget those usual e-mail conversations and live chats; you can reach out to GetResponse support through the phone as well. Although it’s not available 24×7, you can take real advantage of this.

Bears extensive contacts

The cheapest plan at GetResponse, 10 Euros gives you 1000 contacts which is pretty enough for a newbie. You can upgrade anytime, and the best part is that – you can upgrade your Email contacts number without upgrading other features! Well, that can save you a lot of money.

Do experiment

With the A/B testing feature, you can experiment and determine what design and colors appeal the most to your target audience.

Don’t need to purchase anything else

GetResponse is so powerful that you won’t even need to buy add-ons such as LeadPages and OptinMonster. Why take that extra burden when GetResponse is here?

Third party integration

GetResponse integrates seamlessly with services like Facebook and PayPal. Also, it supports Google Analytics integration for insights on user behavior.


Landing Page Tool

To convert your first-time visitors into subscribers, you can create a well-designed landing page with GetResponse. We have recently estimated the features of landing page tools of GetResponse and Unbounce where we have ended the post by recommending GetResponse landing page tool which is simple and efficient with auto responding feature.


Compare it to Aweber, Constant Contact, Unbounce, Mad Mimi or any other popular e-mail marketing tool you’re aware of – GetResponse is the cheapest of all and delivers the best features as well. Thus, it is a win-win situation for you.

Have a look at its pricing!


GetResponse offers a 30 days trial – No credit card required. Test it, enjoy it and if you love it – go for it!

High Deliverability

The success rate of delivering the emails is great in GetResponse since it guarantees above 70% deliverability rate – the highest amongst its competitors.

Final Words

List Building is one of the most important business strategies to create and maintain a good relationship with your customers/visitors. Thus, the attention and care should be given in choosing the best Email service provider to run the successful email marketing campaigns.

Don’t consider it to be yet another e-mail marketing tool in the ever increasing flock of auto responders. We would say that the GetResponse is the entire marketing solution for the digital marketers since it provides the exclusive tools like Autoresponder, landing page creator, and webinar along with the usual email marketing features. It is a nice player in the market and has made its appearance after incorporating the best features an e-mail marketing tool should have.

GetResponse is indeed awesome and the cheapest amongst the competition as well. I bet you that you will love using it! Which Email marketing tool are you using to build your email list? Let me know its remarkable features through the comment section.

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  1. Thank you very much for this detailed review showing us both sides of the coins for this tool. The no refund policy is a big setback for them and I can see why some users are upset but then there is a 30-day trial period for users to make their decision.
    I am a user of Getresponse for a number of years already and still find the calender scheduling kind of confusing to use.
    Appreciate your effort in this great review.

  2. Very good review, nicely written. I’m just on my 30 day trial with this service. I’ve been with MailChimp and ConstantContact. Not bad either. MailChimp offers much for free but isn’t as intuitive as GR. Lately they are getting better in this aspect. Thing is we all have a lot to learn and we’ll have a lot more, because this pace is crazy. So we need simplicity and we need it badly.

    Beside everything you covered, what I also find good about GetResponse is their survey creator&publisher being free once you buy e-mail service. I like that, in ConstantContact you have to pay extra for it. I was looking for it in aWeber but couldn’t find it. (Correct me if I’m wrong here, pls).
    What I’d like to see in GR’s survey feature is at least some basic font choice within.

  3. this is a great write up. I have to say that having used both, I find Getresponse easier to use. It seems to have all the options I could want, and many more that I don’t need at the time. Customer support is top drawer at both. It really is down to what you need from the service when you are choosing between the two.

    There is one thing which you briefly that I certainly have to agree with. Bounce rates are higher with Get response, in my experience. Since they suffered a DDOS attack in May, my bounce rate has risen to over double the industry standard of 2%. I have spoken with them, and they agree that I am using all right procedures e.g. double opt-in. I’m hoping that it sorts itself out as I really do prefer their service.

    For some reason, I am thinking that if things do not improve, I might move my new subscribers to Traffic Wave. I might as well try them all out at some stage..

  4. Great comparison over there! I had recently posted an article as well regarding these two Autoresponders comparison. You had mentioned about Integrations which I didn’t cover in my post. On the other hand, I personally think that the Time Travel feature from GetResponse is quite important to mention in the review as well.

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