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How to Get Better at Blogging in 2017?

You want to be a better blogger, don’t you?

You might have worked hard, stay up all night dedicating all your time in blogging. Still, you couldn’t make anything significant out of it. Why? What went wrong?

In this article, I am going to walk you through a few tips that will help you become a better blogger. I included only those tips, which worked for me.

Shall we dive deep into the core of the post? Here you go!

How to Get Better at Blogging in 2017?

The following are a few tips that helped me a lot. I am sure you will find them useful in your pursuit of getting better at blogging in 2017.

#1. Learn to optimize your posts for keywords:

I know many of you will contradict my opinion. Still, I can’t resist myself from saying keyword density is significant.

In one of my niche website projects, I have done an experiment with keyword density. I kept it 0.7- 1% in all my posts. Guess what? Every single blog posts grabbed a spot in both first and second pages in a month without me indulging in any link building campaign.

Does it mean keyword stuffing is good? You shouldn’t use keywords in an unnatural way. Find a seed keyword, write content, keep keyword density at least 5%, and then feel the difference.

Keeping things natural is the key.

#2. Update Your Old Content

We can’t always come up with new content given the fact that you have multiple income streams to pay attention to.

Once you stop updating your blog posts, the organic traffic decreases. Do you want that to happen?

UPDating your posts to fit the demand and trends of the current time will help you to rank faster and be relevant to users. Google loves fresh content too.

You don’t need to replace the whole post with yours, but you can add updated images, if it is a how to guide on a software that just upgraded its features, you should also upgrade your step by step tutorials.

Furthermore, you could check your article for duplicate content. This is very essential if you are outsourcing your work. Here is a list of best plagiarism checkers to detect duplicate content.

So, don’t completely leave your blog even if you have nothing new to share. Just update old blog posts, share those on social media.

#3. Make Your Site Fast Loading

Three seconds!

That’s all you get to impress a visitor. What if your site doesn’t get loaded within this time?

He/she will bounce off from your site. You shouldn’t let this happen. Blog loading time is really essential and an important ranking factor too.

So, how can you decrease the loading speed of your site?

Well, if you are a WordPress user, you can do it by using a cache plugin, a CDN, and a few tricks like lazy loading for images.

In case you are using any other platforms, I am sure that you can achieve an optimal loading speed by optimizing the codes and scripts.

For my blog I use Thrive Themes. These are not only conversion optimized but also fast loading and clean looking themes. You could also use other brands like Studiopress as far as they provide your content the exposure it needs and are secure to the core.

#4. Create a product:

You may say I have been blogging and earning an online income why do I need to create a product. But, creating a product helps you to be independant.

Once you create your product it gives a direct boost to your authority. You are free from changing CPC of your ad campaigns and also you are free from the ever changing affiliate rules.

In fact, you can make your own affiliate rules and have them sell your products instead.

Let’s make a small calculation: If you write a ebook that can be sold for $10 online and you sell at least one copy of it (from 100 blog visits per day) from your blog sidebar banner or by advertising it in your blog posts you can earn at least $300 per month from a one-time project.

This is just a rough estimate but gives a clear idea about how much you can earn based from your traffic. You don’t need to ditch affiliate marketing or ad placements, you can have them to boost your income along with your product sales.

#6. LSI Keywords can do Wonders

Remember the first point I said?

Keyword density is important. So is LSI keywords!

Sometimes you feel like stuffing keywords. (You must not do it). Instead of repeating the same word over and over again, you can just insert an LSI keyword.

Let’s say your seed keyword is “social media imagesyou can also write about “facebook cover photo sizeor “best image size for Instagram” etc to boost relevancy of your topic.

This will help search engines to quickly identify what you speak.

#7. Analyze Your Competitors

I know you heard this many times. But have you ever tried?

If you research a little, you will find out at least half a dozen blogs dealing with the same niche as yours. Isn’t it great getting their keywords and backlinks?

Of course, it is! But how?

SEMRush and Ahrefs are the two tools you want here. I know what you think.

You are not in a position to invest in tools, right? What if I give you two free options?

Whenever you come across a competitor site, visit www.alexa.com/siteinfo/domain.com. Don’t forget to replace domain.com.

Scroll down to see Top Keywords from Search Engines. There you go! You will get five of their top keywords.

When it comes to stealing backlinks, you can use seoprofiler.com. It is a set of tools you can use for your digital marketing endeavor.

#8. Leverage guest posting

When half the world is in the views against guest blogging I belong to the other half that love guest blogging. It is a way of building relationships and sharing your expertise with an audience of your host site.

This is a way to collaborate on exposure and might not be for building links. however if you are adding links you can nofollow them or add a dofollow one that is relevant and adds value to the article.

Other benefits of guest blogging is you get extra exposure, a new audience to interact and increase your authority.

#9. Invest in being social

Being social isn’t all about wasting time in your Facebook news feed. You can be social in private Facebook group for your blog audience or have a forum that solves their queries.

Being social is about helping your fans/friends and followers. The more you add value to your community, the more the engagement increases.

When you have a clan of raving fans, you’ll see that your community takes your every word as a statement. You can then leverage them to reach new audiences and increase your reach.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got nine blogging tips to sparkle in 2017.

Are you ready to follow them? It worked wonders for me. I am sure that you will also find them useful too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone and start working hard NOW. Make this year the best you can so that you get better at blogging and up your game as compared to your peers.

Do you have any doubts regarding this? Drop them in the comment section down below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

I’d appreciate if you share this article on social media.

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