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The Geo-Fencing App; A Parent’s Sidekick

The world has seen a lot of different ways of tracking and most of them would be quite effective as well but now is the time of advancements in technology and you need to learn to swim along the tide. If you have tried and tested all the monitoring apps to keep an eye on your kids, then I am sure you would not have come across a special Geo-Fencing app. 

Helping Kids:

To help your kids stay away from trouble, you will need an App that can be installed on the targeted device so you will know everything that is going on inside their cell phone. Parents need to monitor their child’s communications and whereabouts and this is possible only with the support of StealthGenie. StealthGenie simply takes five minutes to get installed inside the phone of your children and it does not even affect any feature inside their phone.


Compatible Phones:

Compatible with Android phones from Google, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG and even Huawei handsets of the latest models, you won’t face any problems while using this app. To top it all, this amazing app is even compatible with BlackBerry models in the 8000 as well as 9000 series along with iPhone models as latest as the gorgeous iPhone 5.

Basic Features:

Parents get to view all the phone call records as well as all the SMS messages records of their child’s cell phone with the help of this app. Apart from this, the entire web browsing history of kids is also disclosed to parents along with the pages bookmarked by them. Even all the pictures, videos and audio files stored inside your child’s cell phone are shown to you by this app.

Geo Fencing:

This feature is just like the “No Go Zone” for the kids. This feature helps parents in tracking the position of kids in areas where they are forbidden to visit by their parents. An example here would be visiting a friend’s house when your child should be at school. You simply have to mark areas as ‘safe’ or ’restricted’ on a map and if that boundary is violated, you will be alerted about it instantly.

Stealth Genie Parent’s Sidekick:

Majority of the parents nowadays face issues involving their kids, especially teenage kids. Kids always consider their parents as super heroes; well parents can actually become super heroes for kids by saving them from the evil of the world. So get registered with this Geo-Fencing app immediately and show your kids how much you care for them.

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