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Trends In Video Game Design That Will Change The Future Of The Industry


Most of us love to play the video games and online PC games to chill out at our hectic work.  When talking about the future of gaming industry, one thing that you can never leave out is technology. Over the years, gaming trends and designs have been widely influenced by the evolution of technology. If you approach legends in this …

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Interesting Online Games To Play With Your Girlfriend


There might be 2 main reasons why you are here seeking for the best online games to play with your girlfriend. Reason #1: Long-distance relationships are so hard to maintain, as you cannot meet for a long time. Thus, it’s difficult to be in touch with each other, of course, you can Skype, but yet, the “fun” that is required …

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Helpful Training Tips For Counter Strike Global Offensive


Counter Strike is one of the legendary games that was launched in the year 1997. The game has launched the edition of Counter-Strike 1.6 which later became one of the best sellers amongst the gamers across the world. The game is an action game where a single player can play with the programmed bots or can play with the players …

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