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Interesting Online Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

There might be 2 main reasons why you are here seeking for the best online games to play with your girlfriend.

Reason #1: Long-distance relationships are so hard to maintain, as you cannot meet for a long time. Thus, it’s difficult to be in touch with each other, of course, you can Skype, but yet, the “fun” that is required to sustain a better relationship is lacking here.

So, here we have made a list of games to play with your girlfriend to have fun when you can’t be around her.

Reason #2: Sometimes, the situation might be bit different. Your GF might be yelling at you for spending more time on playing games rather than on her.

And if you are unlucky enough, you might have already broken up because of the same reason as well. (Kudos to you, if you are still in a relationship)

So, how to get out of this problem? I believe this is the most common problem for all boys. To make this problem go away with ease, there are only two options. 

One – Stop playing games, which is not possible in any way.

Two – Make your GF play games as well.

Do note that girls don’t like to play all types of games, so stop forcing her to play that Gangster Vegas or Modern Combat. We have managed to make the list of some games that you can play and have fun with your GF.

Cute Games To Play With Girlfriend

The games that we have listed down here are all online based games. So, don’t worry about the distance, you can play these games over online with your girlfriend anywhere and anytime.


1. 8 Ball Pool

There is a big chance that you may have already heard about this game or even tried it at least for once. 8 Ball pool is one amongst the popular pool game in the world, which is developed by Miniclip who were previously noted for developing small flash games for PC.

8 Ball Pool has seen a great advancement in its gameplay since the beginning. It offers PvP gameplay option so that you can play with millions of other players around the globe. Or you can challenge your girlfriend to play the game with you over the net.

The game connects to Facebook accounts. Hence you and your girlfriend must have a Facebook account connected to the game app. It serves a lot in getting around the long-distance barrier between you and your girl.

You are capable of customizing your pool table and pool cues. You can even request for more coins by sending a notification to your friend or girlfriend. In case you want to surprise your girlfriend, there is an option for sending coins as the gift as well.

Download 8 Ball Pool

2. Second Life

Imagine playing a game with your girlfriend that is substantially similar to real life – sounds amazing, right? Second life is the perfect example of that type of game. Second Life is the most realistic multiplayer role-playing game out there.

In this game, you can go out on a date with another character, or you can kiss/ make out and do much more to explore than you can think of. I think this is the perfect game for those couples who always wanted to play some romantic games online with each other.

There are few other virtual world games, which are more like life simulator games that your girlfriend would love to play with you. You can find these games on the links given below,

Go to There.com Go To IMVU.com Go To Kaneva.com

3. Wordfeud

Do you want to test your girlfriend’s mind or thinking capacity or vocabulary? Wordfeud does that. It’s a multiplayer word puzzle game with a lot of features in it. The game lets you create your word puzzle and challenge others, in this case, you can ask your girlfriend to solve that board full of different words.

You will get a 15 by 15 space board where you can put your letters in any order and create a new puzzle using your creativity. You can use words from the built-in dictionary of 10 different languages. If you are looking for the games to play with girlfriends over text, then this game is the right choice. 

Besides playing the game, you can chat with your opponent as well. This multi-player game supports up to 30 unique games simultaneously. You receive a notification to your smartphone, whenever your girlfriend makes a new move in the game, which is kind of cool so, that you can always lay an eye on her gameplay.

Download Wordfeud

4. AMP Mini bowling

It is yet another multi-player online game to play with your girlfriend, where you can challenge your GF with your high score. AMP Mini bowling is a combination of mini golf and bowling, sounds weird, but worth playing, no doubt in that.

The game offers some crazy levels that you couldn’t even imagine. It is completely free and available on Google Play store.

Download AMP Minibowling

5. Pogo.com

However, it’s not a single game, but rather it’s a web portal to numerous multiplayer games. Whenever you feel like playing games with your girlfriend, then you can turn over to Pogo.com, they provide a great list of co-op online games.

Their games include various genres such as card games, word games, sports, Casino or Board games and so on. You always never get bored of these games, they are fun and addictive games and moreover, these games for completely free.

6. Yahoo Games

This is also not a game, but the website with free multiplayer games. Yahoo! Games have been popular for their gambling games, including cards and pool table games.

Here, we have mentioned few of them. I don’t say these are the best, but if you want to, you can check them once.

  • Pool Arena
  • Dominoes
  • Naval Command
  • Backgammon
  • Dots
  • Pinochle
  • Bingo
  • Euchre
  • Pool
  • Blackjack
  • Yahoo! Graffiti

I hope you found what you were looking for. These, are just a few online games to play with your girlfriend. I think both you and your girl will enjoy these gamesPlay them and let us know your experience by commenting down below.

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